Passed out totty on the train...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by blind_monkey, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. Stumble onwards, whisteling nervously and banish impure thoughts from your mind.

  2. Make sure her modesty is protected, and seat yourself in such a way as to protect her from potential

  3. Look around, set your stopwatch and do vile, vile things to her.

  1. You get the last Train back one dark and evil night.

    Stumbling drunkenly down the aisles to find a suitable seat you discover a great looking bint, wasted and snoring soundly splayed across two seats; legs open, wrap-around skirt suitably parted just enough to reveal blue-lace kecks and a rack you could park the nose wheel of a C130 in.

    Clearly the worse for wear and soundo.

    What would you do?
  2. Video myself wanking over her while she slept, splattering my man fluid on her puss! Then YOU TUBE IT! See my other vids at lol
  3. I'm afraid I can't really answer this until after the pending Court case... :oops:
  4. Would using her own mobile phone to video/snap pics of her be morally wrong?

  5. Yes.
    Unless of course you then send those picures to everyone listed in her phonebook/contacts. Especially her mum.
  6. Only if you don't share them.
  7. Its only rape if she can remember. Its what rohypnol was invented for.

    Have I reached the barrel's bottom yet?
  8. Nope - I'm still looking up at you! :twisted: :D
  9. If the phone in question was a Corporate Blackberry PDA, should the company address book be used to email said video/snaps, with audio, to the 2743 names listed?
  10. You might not have reached it yet but you can certainly see it!
  11. Of course and the 3 names in your address book as well. :wink:
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Here...On ARRSE....In the NAAFI...

  13. :-(

    Sorry, only have 1 and that's my Brief.

    On short-dial.

    Sure she'd be well made-up though; would make the in-cell interview interesting...Those awkward silences, don't you hate them?
  14. I've trawled the net for years trying to find a rapist's fantasy forum for like-minded pervs and here it was all the time, right under my nose. Gawd Bless you Arrse, and all those who frequent that pervy barrel with me.

  15. Fookin hell, thats well planned :D
    Would get bored long before that plan came to fruition though, agree with everything upto the point of the 1st shag then forget all about it.