Passed out at grantham on 14-3-08

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by darbs, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. I passed out at grantham on friday the 14th and i have to say it was one of the proudest moments of my life, only TA i know and not the same as the regs but all the same i was very proud. Met some great lads along the way and hope to stay in contact for years to come. Like i said, only TA but just as proud. :D
  2. Were the standards horribly low?
  3. Well done darbs, hope you enjoy a long & succesful time in the TA. Now all you have to do is train like hell to learn your trade well enough so you can get the odd tour in :D

    Don't take comments like StabTiffy's to heart, he is after all just a stab tiffy :)
  4. Good for you. If you're RLCTA you'll probably be passing out in Grantham for years to come.

    I've passed out in Grantham on many an occasion.
  5. Darbs, i passed out on the same day as you! I was known as Pops and i was in 2 section.
  6. Two members of my troop were on the course, well done all I hope you all have a sucessful time in the TA

  7. It was a question, not a comment, you daft wench.
  8. Well done, you've passed out. Given the commitment/time you've put in which is above what most people would put in, its a big achievement.
  9. well stabtiffy the standards were quite high. all conducted by 5 training regt. some well clued up cpls and sgts there.
  10. thanks polar, 6 months from RSW to passout so all good, and happy.
  11. Well done Darbs, I remember you said you were getting dicked around with your recruiting process and course dates, I bet your glad all thats over! Did you still go RE or are you now RLC?
  12. RE all the way mate, and proud of it. just looking forward to the rest of the training now. even thou i have my matts 1 in 2 weeks time which seems odd! but yer was dicked around, just stuck to my guns and it paid off.
  13. Go on then Darbs, a little clue as to who you are please? I'm RE from 170.
  14. Then probably better directed at someone who has been in a while and has got used to sarcastic comment masquerading as humour :x

    Something you (as a SNCO) should know if you are as good at leading tradesmen as you are at caustic humour :(

    This was a thread created by a young soldier who was proud of his/her passing out and should really attract positve comment.

    By the way Darbs, I too have passed out many a time in Grantham & the Sgts Mess at PWOG Barracks. Always preffered to train there than Bordon.
  15. Can I be really nosy and ask loads of phys related questions?

    What was the CFT Length?
    Did they make you carry 20KG because you're a wedge?
    How many CFTs/PFTs did you do?
    Did they use that nonsense risk reduction run time or was it a proper PFT?
    Any interesting phys - Log runs/Assault courses?

    Did anyone fail phys elements and get binned?

    Did anyone get binned for anything else?

    Not the brightest are you sweetcheeks?