PASSED - Off to Pirbright!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by batmanwasjesus, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. PASSED! Medical was really stressful, about 15 people got deferred with heart murmurs... Grenade exam was piece of piss, TST got 40 / 55, (enough for me to train as an AT), run time was 10.30 and got top marks on icebreaker, team tasks etc. GET IN! Starting Pirbright on 8/01/07 (as long as I make it past AmmoTech selection board) - anyone got any experience of this?
  2. alright mate,
    im going to Pirbright on the 5th of feb
    congrats on passing RSC i found it a piece of urine
    blowing my own trumpet i got 45 on the tst
    where you from?
  3. oh you guys will love pirbright.. the running area for endurance runs is n ice and flat and there are no inclines.. or tabs.. or parades every monday morning.. :D
  4. Try the RLC forum on this need to repost question read what is already there.
  5. You guys will love heartbreck hill. Off to by first unit tomorrow cant wait
  6. how about a&e.. i love concrete hill :twisted:

    where you goin to?
  7. concrete hill is easy.

    am a pc off to mill hill
  8. am a what of to where? :D
  9. Translator {am a postmen of to london}
  10. thanks for the encouragement guys! heartbreak hill sounds fun... somebody get dumped there or something? ;-)

    I'm from Worcester way, so be nice to get back to civilisation after living in a cabbage patch for 5 yrs... only camp in the country with female recruits as well, I believe? Good of her Majesty to provide us with some entertainment!
  11. sorry mate but female recruits are at most if not all of them however fratinization is a no no, but as they say what your corprals dont know wont hurt them.oh and good luck enjoy....
  12. hello batmanwasjesus not to sure wat core your joinin but well done on passing selection your goin on the same date as me to pirbright on the 08/01/07 ill be seeing you there
  13. I'm going RLC mate, training as an Ammo Tech... take it you're going REME then? No, thats not a waah ;-)
  14. Worcester way eh? I'll take you up the Malverns over Xmas if you want to get yourself fit !!
  15. Thanks for the offer mate, where are you from? Bearing in mind i'm a lowly recruit, reckon I could keep up with you without my feet falling off? I'm not a lightweight, but don't wanna fcuk myself before reaching Pirbright!