passed off from Pirbright

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Tayyab1796, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. Hi! I passed my phase 1 training on 27th March in Pirbright and enjoying my holidays now ...i would be willing to answer any questions or queries anybody has?...
  2. I'll kick things off......

    1.What is it your going to become?/Where's Phase 2 for you?

    2.What did you find the hardest in the whole 14 weeks?

    3.What was easier than you thought it would be?

    I'll have a think on some more.. they're the first few that spring to mind...don't want to bombard you with too many questions.

    Oh And Big Congrats!
    Syn :)
  3. well done ;)
  4. Bet your from Ridler platoon aint ya. Had it easy my friend.
  5. hey mate well done and congrats.

    First off, what happens in first week such as fitness tests etc?

    How do you and your section get along?

    What are PT sessions like?

    Congratuations again
  6. What time are you up in the mornings?
  7. How much did you spend?

    How many didnt make it?

    Many older lads?

    Did you have a "what the **** am i doing here moment?"....why?

    When do you start phase 2?

  8. I m joining AGC (SPS) as military clerk. Phase 2 will be in Worthy Down, Winchester.
    Hardest thing i did not only in training but in my life was CBRN tab in final fling exercise, its absolutely knackering.
    2 guys got backsquadded but the training team give u alot of oppertunities to pass so its really the attitude problem if u get backsquadded.
    there r alot of times when u think what the f*** i m doing here?, but the only advice is carry on with the training , carry on ,there will be alot of good days as well so don't let a bad moment change the course of ur life. its the best job ....always remember.
    there were 4-5 lads with us over 30 so age shouldn't put u off.
    i m starting my phase 2 on 20th april,2009
    hope these help.
  9. i used to get up quarter past 5 other guys used to get up quarter to 6 and in the later weeks 6
  10. awsome, could you tell me what pt sessionsa re like mate?
  11. first week is alot of paper work ...alot of it and there is 1.5 mile run ,and jerry can carry over 150 meters. lifting 20kg ammo box etc. don't worry if u don't get under 10:30 bcz u will still pass as alot of our guys did even in week 14.
    there r always good guys and some pricks everywhere so that goes for my section as well.
    PT sessions r hard ,there is no doubt about it but remember u will feel the difference in ur later weeks , there is different types of PT seesions , muscular endurance and strength where u do circuit training, battle pt like assault courses and endurance runs like 3,4,5 mile steady run or fartlek runs .
  12. Best and worst memories?