Passed Final Selection... off to Bassingbourn!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by nail3r, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. Male
    16 years old

    My run time was 10.50 (keep in mind a month ago i was 12.10, i've been working mercilessly at it!!)

    I start 11th March, so I'm hoping to have my run time below 9 minutes for then. That's if I don't eat all the pies over Christmas!!! :p

    Jerry can lift... no problem...
    I scored a 1 (or an A, whatever he said) on the strength lifts.

    So can you guys tell me what I should expect/should do to prepare etc??
  2. just train hard and do your best keep your eyes and ears open and do what your instructor says and dont gob off, all the best mate it will be hard but you will enjoy it
  3. Read the rest of the posts in the training wing, there will be plenty giving advice.
  4. A word of caution. Don't beat yourself ragged trying to get a sub 9 min run time.

    1. Running clean fatigue is not the be all and end all - many that post seem to think that it is.

    2. Fitness is not a proportional curve, which means initially you will improve fitness very quickly until you reach a threshold which will require very hard focussed training to get beyond - many don't make it, and probably don't need to. You have shaved over a minute off in a month, that does not mean that you'll shave another 2 off in 2 months! Some people are born to do 6 min miles (a 9 min runtime) others have to train damn hard. If you are running under 10mins by March you'll be doing fine, don't break yourself trying to get sub 9 before basic!

    3. Your body must be ready for load carries - you don't need to start running with weight but some gym work will do you good. Exercises like pull-ups, sit-ups and press-ups will stand you in good stead. Keep it Billy Basic and you won't go far wrong, improvement will come but you have to stick with it, try to increase reps each week and have some goals to achieve.!

    4. Basic Training is exactly that - Basic. But it is not just about running and yomping, you will be learning a host of other things too, you should try to prepare mentally aswell!

    5. You'll get loads of advice the bottom line of advice from me is do what you feel is right - in the cold light of day if it all goes wrong you'll only have yourself to blame!

    Good luck
  5. I'm in exactly the same boat as 'nail3r' is, having just passed at the RSC, I'm not too worried about the fittness side of things as i'm naturally fit and will be doing plenty of preparation on that side of things, however is there some other things I could be getting to grips with on the non-physical side of things, like ironing, map reading ect. or would all this be a waste of time?
  6. No preperation is a waste of time, and if you're a mong with an iron then it wouldnt be a bad move to learn.

    As Burst_Disk said, dont over do the running. You might burn yourself out and pick up an injury. You passed RSC so this is the standard they want. Basic will PROGRESSIVELY build you up from there. 10.30 is fine anyway.

    Good luck.
  7. Hahaha they'll hose you down! Although, best not mention it on here if they do.

    Nah, you're unlucky, it's now a 22 weeks coarse. I done it at 18 weeks and passed out last Febuary. It's not as bad as it's made out to be, as you adapt to life pretty quickly. You're watched all the time and you get little time to your self.

    The fitness standard isn't all that great at the end of the coarse. Although you're phase 2 will pick up from it.

    The food is ****.

    You're only allowed to go to the spar once a week until week 6 and you get paid £40 a week cash in hand untill week 10.

    A lot of tabs and circuit training. Early mornings, and horrible itchy jeseys to do drill in.

    So, yeah, it's like paradise!
  8. Sounds great nightT, Can't wait :D
  9. What did you expect? Mcdonalds or Burger King????
  10. ROFL....and fashion trainers for phyz!
  11. Dam it is that not the case??? Sh*t that recruitment office dude told me lies ;)
  12. The fact you have put preparation in is a good sign, some people turn up to basic without doing any preparation.
  13. good luck m8
  14. Remember your not expected to arrive at your ATR a soldier you must however be keen and eager to learn fitness will come with time in the job your kit list should read

    enjoy these are truly the greatest days of your life.