Passed by an Ex Reg

Just recieved this by PM but I'm not entirely sure of the correct answer

how is it that a chap can walk out of the regs as a X and straight into a slot in a tac.

Taking up the only X slot for that trade

Specifically MY trade and MY (imho ) slot

I think there should be a cooling of period

How do regts allocate ranks ? is it per troop or so many per regt ?
I think he could still be promoted if their is a slot in another troop, I don't think he could take up a slot in another Sqn tho.

Have seen a reg nicking someones job a few times, I was aiming for one particular slot a while ago -- only finding it taken by an ex reg after I'd commited many weeks (works hols) on several courses for that position (leaving me no option other than to transfer regiments)


Is this not simply a case of picking the best man for the job?
An ex-reg (depending on how long he’s been out) will always have more experience at his trade and at soldiering than his TA counterpart. So when competing with TA personal for the same job, an ex-reg is simply better suited.
Goku said:
Is this not simply a case of picking the best man for the job?.
I don't necessarily think so, the trade these two have is a low pay band but the TA soldier is capable of going to a higher pay band (doing a job he enjoys). Anyway its not really picking the best man, its ensuring the regular joins the TA but has the effect of blocking someone elses promotion.

btw the unit in question used to drop tranferees(TA & reg) down in rank, inc making a exReg SSgt a Cpl.
You can carry a similar whinge across to the regs, the number of times I was in a slot thinking it was mine to find someone posted in to steal it away was shocking, when I started all promotion was within the unit not dissimilar to the TA but towards the end the whole army as a whole kicked in at it became a pain especially when lesser experienced guys got posted in, the biggest kick in the teeth was an ex officers mess and Brigs Batman wh picked up one of our Staffy slots, zero exp and zero knowledge on what we did.

DO I agree in a reg "nicking" a TA slot, well I think its one of those case by case things, when I left and explored the TA I was arrogant enough to think that I would not only keep my rank but get promoted ASAP, I didn't join in the end which I think was a good idea as I would probably been dissapointed in the reality of the situation. Now I belive that any ex-reg going into the TA should effectivley start again (except for relevant course, feck going through my lance jacks, full screws and EFP again) and if the face fits rapid promotion ensues, any ex-reg looking at the TA for advancement for promotion shouldn't of left in the first place.
Jagythistle said:
how many Ex Regs have you seen jack it after 20 mins when they find they can't hack having a full time job and TA responsibilities????
I think you will probably find that the issue there is more down to the missus than the ex-reg hacking it, after 12 yrs getting fecked aroud with exercise, duty and tours, as soon as you join the real world the old girl seems to think you need to be around 24/7, even popping away with the lads overnight, once a common occourance, becomes a chore to get the relevent pass

Well thats at least my experience
Who is responsible for filling the post? the OC and CSM/SSM? Bn/REg HQ?

and who is advising them? Regular Adjutants and PSI's?

I think you just found out your answer.

But it doesn't work out like that in reverse. If you join the Regs on an S Type you drop a rank (and pay) and normally serve under someone with less experience and qualifications. Same Army?

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