passed both interviews;), how long usually to ADSC


Had my interview today, my recruitng sargeant asked me to do some chin-up's on a bar in the Acio, managed to do 9!

Had my interview with the recruiting sargeant, he asked me to perform my icebreaker and go over job details, he said he was going to put me through to my 2nd interview today, i was like yipee!,

Then after he sent me downstairs to wait for the senior recruiter he said he spoke to him and he thought on the opinion of the recuirter that i didn't need a 2nd interview!, well chuffed, although he did praise my enthusiasm and attention to detail.

and he said he's happy to send me to adsc asap, so usually how long will it be before i recieve a letter from them/phonecall detailing the date of adsc?

well done again me :D
Well done!!

It appears all is falling into place for you now! I think it took less than a week for me to get the letter saying I was booked in the week after. It might have been just over a week - can't quite remember!
only bits to think about now are the adsc fitness bits, besides the run i hear there all best efforts so as long as youre trying as hard as you can (which i will), they usually dont fail you even if you don't do that good on them compared to some arni character.

run times are pretty good, and im practising my chin up's and press up's every day, so as long as im medically fit (fingers crossed) i should be ok.

Dauting that interview with the PSO at the end, just thinking, everything you've done up to that point, matters at this one interview, bet everybody was quaking, or was they 8O :D
Good luck at the ADSC Ben1985, I Also passed my interviews on Tuesday... Was well chuffed after I finished my speech- a handshake saying i've made it to selection. That's when the real tests begin!

I'm naturally most worried about the medical, don't want to find anything wrong with me and get deferred! Just gonna take all the advice i've read up and what my recriuter has told me ;)
well my run time at the moment is anywhere from 9.45-10.15

i understand at the adsc you do a run right after breakfast!!, the buggers!!

and you do a half a mile 'warm up' jog!, so in effect 2 miles!,

but yeh so on the day i might be a little slower than normal, although my determination to run like im being chased by wolves should help offset this.

hopefully ill be ok
i was there yesterday and a lad passed his run time for the royal engineers with a time of 12mins +

for me it was 2 weeks after interviews till selection

did you pass mate?

what was the final interview with the pso like?

medical ok?

icebreaker, read from a board (if you went to adsc lichfield)

yeah i passed, deferred really as i need a test, but they said i passed all the physical stuff and to my shame, i couldnt do ANY heaves, but i did very well on the other stuff, static lift, back extension thing.

yes i went to lichfield, nice place.

your interview is easy, if your confident and so as told.

mine was nice as i knew what i was talking about, he {the Major doing my interview}...{all the inteviewers are Majors} asked me about my hobbies.....

i kept forgetting to say SIR! at the end of each sentence, but he was good man and had a laugh about it.

you wait in reception till your interview, make sure you shout SIR! whenever he addresses you, i saw a couple of lads ripped to shreds by the majors for not addressing them with respect.

yeah we read from a board {or you could if you wanted to}, i chose not to as it made you look less confident, just stand at ease {literally, they show you how} and speak confidently.

and dont ever cheek them, ever, one lad didnt bother to read his job briefs and was quickly ejected from his interview, yes he was a chav, and was punished afterwards.

oh, and whatever you do , do not stop on the run.

oh, also.....the Sgt Major, is mint, i really liked him {non-sexually}. TOP BLOKE!

Well Done Ben
I went up to Lichfield not too long ago, the interview was okay, the PSO was down to earth.
The medicals a bit of a long process but because your thinking quite alot about what you've got to do later, time eases by.
Icebreaker - A Board with questions you are to answer - simple stuff
Any Questions Pm me
stvwardy what was you deferred for?

so im just working twice as hard on the fitness, making sure icebreaker is good

just hoping i dont get deferred medically for something because ill be making damn sure i give my 110% to every part of ADSC

just hoping my medical goes ok, besides that i can see me passing as long as i give it 110%,

dont want to get medically deferred because of something stupid

I was thinking.. maybe it won't be THAT hard to get in.. really cause breathing is for running right.. sooooooooooooo if I can run far and fast.. :O

But still.. a wait is ahead :lol: