Passed BARB

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by carlbcfc, May 6, 2009.

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  1. Passed my BARB test with 65 and have 50 jobs to pick from. Took about 20 mins and was easy. I know i f*cked 2 questions where i wanted to press one option but my finger went the other way.

    Also the right part of the screen seemed f*cked and i had to hit it a few times which i reckon slowed me down.
  2. Same as me, so what will you choose then?
    Just remember to choose something you would actually like to do, as sometimes if you have all the options available they try and sway you towards an eng type role .
    I was the same after I finished i was like S**T I pressed loads of wrong ones thought I had failed lol.
  3. Comms System Operator is 1st but im having a right nightmare picking a 2 and 3, any ideas?

    Going for a trade as i have 3 kids and time away has to be productive although i would love to be up the front with a gun in my hand.
  4. Same problem myself, finger never going in the right place.

    Well done mate, onwards and upwards. :D
  5. Did my BARB few weeks ago and passed, got 86, all those jobs and i wanted to go infantry!!

    Had a different recruiter hand me my results and he tried to push me towards a IT kinda role. Not gonna happen :) .

    Well Done with your BARB

  6. Clever cnut!! Im quite lucky as my recruiter actually does the trade i want to do.
  7. Yea thats the same as my original recruiter, he's in the infantry and joined for near enough the same reasons i am. So he was happy to let me do what i wanted rather than try and 'Fill in his quota'.

    What you doing at the moment, trying to get your med forms done?

  8. Sat there with the doctor today while she done them. I have them completed, now do i post them or take them in?....and what is next? How long does the security check take too?
  9. Your Lucky, i took them in and asked if they could compete them then and there and they just said no!! Didnt want to argue so they've been there a week now!...Im going to take mine straight in once i get them back. Depends how long it takes the medical to clear. From what i have read it could be from anything from a week to a few months.

    good luck!

  10. Ill drop them in soon as then. Whats the next stage then?
  11. After the med forms are clear it is the interview and key skills test I think, it was for me last time anyway and then to pre-selection and selection if your ready for it.
  12. Key Skills?
  13. yes its an english and maths test don't think it affects job choices it's just to see what level each person is at, and like the BARB it is done on the touch screen and is slightly harder. just try and make sure you have a little more control over that wondering finger lol
  14. I Did my key skillls straight after the Barb test, really easy, bit harder than the BARB test but nothing to fret about...

  15. Once again, the only Quota your Recruiter has is how many people go into the army, But if your recruiter is Infantry then they do have quota's !!!