Passed barb!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Luke_16, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. Right i went in and passed today. To be honest how can people fail barb test, i mean how the hell can they. Its quick so far as i hand my medical forms in later today and i only went in 2 days to get my application. Im away next week with the army so should all go quick.

  2. the test is simple, basic is a different kettle of fish altogether
  3. Can you fail the BARB???
  4. no - they become pioneers
  5. it's not a pass or fail ....:)
  6. Well done Luke but don't get too excited. The cogs seem to be running fast and slick at the moment but this is the British Army and things are often held up in some places. Keep your hopes and your fitness up.
  7. Well done! The pass mark for the infantry is 26, Royal Irish Regt is 13. Anything over 48 is good and would possibly make you eligible for technical or specialist training - if you so desired.
  8. 13??? You'd have to be a rotting corpse to score that low..
  9. grats mate what did you get?

    i got 72 yesterday and i cant say i tried that much!
  10. Total Rubbish anything below 23 is a fail
    48 is just below average and will in no way open up most technical trades
  11. Hey MSI64. I done my Barb test at your office lol. You know sgt povey?
  12. Wow on the way to the office there was some weird man. Some girl sat next to me because the bus was busy and the man infront kept his eyes at this girls face grinning. The bus got less busy so she moved 2 her own sit the man moved and sat behind her. I was really at a high state of readyness to knock this weird guy up if he touched her or followed her. Then on the way back on the bus some man was asking were big coach is, i was like what, he said big coach. I thought he ment like a bigger bus, but he went to the driver and asked where big coach was and he ment belmarsh haha. He was from afganistan sort i think and was going to court, he had like 50 scars down his face like he had been slashed with a knife. That one was hard to work out if he was just weird or its because were he comes from.

    Everytime on a bus i see weirdo's lmao.
  13. strange I see weirdo posts all the time :roll:

    And you were going to knock him up, are you coming out of the closet?
  14. Yeah Luke - the buggers are everywhere - they are called civilians!
  15. Wow... :?