Passed BARB, now job selection

Passed my BARB nicely. Now I have my job offers etc and need to know before my formal interview. It's top 3 right? My current order of preference is:

1.Gunner Artillery Command Systems
2.Gunner MLRS
3.Tank Crewman

Has anyone any advice on the GACS position? Anyone with an interest in IT done it and what are your thoughts? Same for the MLRS position, what was the training like, were you based in newcastle with the 39th throughout your training? Thanks lads
Yes - I recommand going for OPA, or even looking into it, If you don't want to be stuck behind the computers your whole life within the Army.
Thrtough OPA (Observation Post Assitant) you do Cmd Systems Level 1 in Phase 2 at Larkhill.
This way you learn it (cmd sys) but you also learn to do a job on scene and maybe get to do something interesting. Like rain hell down upon the enemy :D

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