Passed away

To anyone who knew him from JLR or through RAC matters, just to say Sadly that Terry Ghillyer has passed away, A firm but fair man. A good RSM who treated you fairly (i only got 14 instead of 28 ) because of him :)
Think so, im going to ask Bob on the other place mate. Not sure if he was the whole terms, Sure SSM changed during our stay.
RIP sir. I have the Pass out Parade programme for August 1972, it shows SSM C Sqn as WOII TW Ghillyer 16/5L. He was my last SSM at JLR.
Biffo wasn't Terry our SSM at JLR? RIP.
A your right, Bob says he was when we arrived at Mecca, we had later a 15/19th SSM i think, but Terry was our first SSM.
Served with the Regt 1975-78, during that time he was the RSM. Met him 3 years ago at the Telford reunion, didn't look any different.

RIP Terry

Nobby (ex HQ & C Sqn Fitters)
Sad news, Terry Was QM when I joined the Regt. I will always remember the first time I went into his office and he was sat on his 'chair', he'd had the seat removed and replaced by a saddle, truely one of a kind! He had the distinction of out-ranking the CO while HQ OC, the Colonel had left the regiment and the 2IC was granted temporary command, Terry had been promoted to LtCol prior to him taking up a command position in Lisburn. He did his farewell tour of camp on one of our newly reaquired FSCs, I think they both must have been shiney and new around the same time.

R.i.P. Terry, it was a pleasure to have known you.
Good bloke Terry was, he was QM when I joined and a character to boot. When I transferred to the clerky side of life I was his Sqn Clk in HQ Sqn, he took over from either Bill Cook or was it Ron, can't remember. But he new how to look after his blokes. When I went to work in the redundancy cell in Bovvy he was there as a civvy too, Garrison Admin Officer. Good bloke, will be sadly missed.

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