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Discussion in 'RAC' started by scarletto, Oct 25, 2010.

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  1. To anyone who knew him from JLR or through RAC matters, just to say Sadly that Terry Ghillyer has passed away, A firm but fair man. A good RSM who treated you fairly (i only got 14 instead of 28 ) because of him :)
  2. Biffo wasn't Terry our SSM at JLR? RIP.
  3. Think so, im going to ask Bob on the other place mate. Not sure if he was the whole terms, Sure SSM changed during our stay.
  4. RIP sir. I have the Pass out Parade programme for August 1972, it shows SSM C Sqn as WOII TW Ghillyer 16/5L. He was my last SSM at JLR.
  5. A your right, Bob says he was when we arrived at Mecca, we had later a 15/19th SSM i think, but Terry was our first SSM.
  6. Served with the Regt 1975-78, during that time he was the RSM. Met him 3 years ago at the Telford reunion, didn't look any different.

    RIP Terry

    Nobby (ex HQ & C Sqn Fitters)
  7. I remember Terry well from my days at JLR. RIP
  8. Sad news, Terry Was QM when I joined the Regt. I will always remember the first time I went into his office and he was sat on his 'chair', he'd had the seat removed and replaced by a saddle, truely one of a kind! He had the distinction of out-ranking the CO while HQ OC, the Colonel had left the regiment and the 2IC was granted temporary command, Terry had been promoted to LtCol prior to him taking up a command position in Lisburn. He did his farewell tour of camp on one of our newly reaquired FSCs, I think they both must have been shiney and new around the same time.

    R.i.P. Terry, it was a pleasure to have known you.
  9. Good bloke Terry was, he was QM when I joined and a character to boot. When I transferred to the clerky side of life I was his Sqn Clk in HQ Sqn, he took over from either Bill Cook or was it Ron, can't remember. But he new how to look after his blokes. When I went to work in the redundancy cell in Bovvy he was there as a civvy too, Garrison Admin Officer. Good bloke, will be sadly missed.