Passed ADSC!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by derder, May 31, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys, I appologise in advance for blowing my own trumpet but I'm proud to say I passed ADSC! Got back from pirbright yesterday feeling like my body had been battered to pieces but had an excellent two days.
  2. Well done, derder.

    You going to let us in on some more details i.e. scores, experience, etc.
  3. Yeah anyone who is waiting to go ADSC the one piece of advice which I think is most important is 'just get stuck in' I was nervous waiting at the train station but soon as the other lads turned up we all started chatting and having a laugh and nerves just whent. Also if your really nervous about the icebreaker don't be. Just be confident and think about what your going to say, some lads were so nervous they stopped speaking and just looked at the ceiling which didnt go down too well.
    When you do team tasks you get 2 mins to devise a plan, make sure you have a definate plan and you have nominated people to do certain things, my first team task when down like a lead balloon and we got beasted for it. The sergeants and test examiners are sh*t hot on the team tasks so definately get stuck in as much as you can. The run isn't too bad but the pt lesson is hard. Oh and for gods sake remember, one stripe on the arm and you call them corporal, two stripes you call them sergeant if you dont know call the women maam and the men sir! One lad called a sergeant corporal and got ten pressups. Above all though lads just enjoy it, I had an excellent time.
  4. Good job, Derder!

    And remember: the cake is always a lie.
  5. Bloody well done Derder!! Just logged on to see how you got on :) My lad is home for a long weekend after his first 7 weeks of basic on Thursday - can't wait.... Got the guiness in the fridge already!! Again, well done x
  6. Cheers Samurai and Foxy,

    I really enjoyed the two days! Was excellent. Bloody hurting all over now though!
  7. Im sorry to say that, 1 stripe is a lance corporal and you call him corporal, 2 stripes is a corporal and 3 is a sergeant.
  8. 8O Sorry I didn't read back what I wrote, yeah 2 for corporal and 3 for sergeant.... :oops:
  9. Never mind, but WELL DONE!!
  10. Brush up on your badges of rank then, start building your foundations now ;)

    Well done all the same, and didn't you just love the grenade throw? Bit wet?
  11. Yeah I loved the greneade throw! Was wet n muddy but thats part of the fun. Is it weird that I enjoyed leopard crawling through the mud? :p
  12. Well done Derder, got ADSC on the 19th/20th June..cant wait :D
  13. Good luck, you going pirbright?
  14. Got ADSC on tuesday Derder what was your mile and a half and pull ups?
  15. Thanks, I will be off to Lichfield.