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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 8chris4, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. hey all

    i passed adsc on the 4th and 5th march there,got a grade C ..quite bad but still a pass,im hoping to join the TA ...i was gonna go for the regulars but due to family issues i really have to be here and cant be away from my family as i look after them during the week etc as they are not well...anyway im hoping to hopefully join 6 SCOTS i was wondering if any one would have any information on the basic training process of it.
  2. Check ot the TA FAQ's page, there's a whole section on Phase 1 training which should answer all your questions matey.
  3. Get fit, and ( despite what your unit staff may tell you ) TAKE ALL OF YOUR KIT ON THE TRAINING WEEKENDS.
  4. Explain.
  5. cheers guys had a wee look at the FAQ's ...was down at the careers office there to see them the said there waiting on paperwork or something cumming back from glencorse thell be in touch ...just cant wait to get the ball rolling
  6. Which is why they are told, repeatedly, both on ARRSE and at the RTC - BRING ALL OF YOUR KIT ON EVERY WEEKEND.

    If it was you that said this, don't; if you overheard this - did you correct it?

    Or did you just trust the SUT when he told you that?
  7. So it happened a while ago.

    Move along.
  8. sapperboy

    sapperboy Swinger SME

    If you have been loaded onto TSC(A) - 6 weekends at your RTC, you should have had your joining instructions which will give you an overview. After your 6 weekends of TSC(A) you have a further 3 weekends of TSC(Inf) and then the 2 week TA CIC course. However, you may be on one of the consolodated courses which takes about 2 weeks to do TSC(A) and (Inf).
    If you are keen to see an example programme, your unit can access the training programme through DII onto ITG/TA Trg SharePoint and download a PDF copy for you.
    Bravo-Bravo is correct in what he says - BRING ALL OF YOUR KIT ON EVERY WEEKEND.
    Also bring all your handouts and SuT Passport / Learning Journal with you and use them back in your TAC on your drill night, it will really help you.