Passed ADSC woohoo! Tips please for phase 1?

I just have to tell everyone that i passed ADSC to get into the para's. Good luck to anyone who is on the way up there soon. Im so excited if anyone has any good tips about phase 1 i would be greatfull for the information.


There is a really friendly PTI up in Catterick called Sandy, he really likes Joes. To get on his good side just call him mate, he responds well to that.
Stand tall and sit straight. Give your most on the static lifting apparatus. Know your stuff on the paras, what they do and their history. Most importantly listen very carefully to commands. good luck mate.
cheers do they ask you allot about the history of the paras in the interview and how was the icebreaker,im starting to get a bit nerves now
Hands behind your back wen you talk. Dont fidgit and speak slowly and clearly. It should be about 2-3 min long. The best thing to do is prepare what your going to say using the key points you got given from the careers office:

1. Full name and a little info about you.

2.Where you are from and your family.

3. What reg you are going for and why. ( know your job well and info about your reg IE : names, postings ,detailed job discription and history)

4.What preperations you have made before coming to ADSC. ( Detailed Fitness training ,maths revision )

5.Life ambition.

6.Most memerable moment.

Do not swear ,Do not try and be to funny and they dont want to hear about you getting lashed up with ur mates on holiday. They judge you on confidence, maturity, amount of information and how much you know about your job that is the important 1.

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