Passed ADSC with A! But no intakes for RE?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by jamiemufu, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. Just passed ADSC yesterday with a high A which I am really proud of:D But I have been told there are NO intakes for RE. Now I am completely confused as basically does that mean I wait? If so anyone got a rough idea or do they kind of want me to take my second choice as QDG? All the officer said in the final interview was basically congrats you did well, no intakes dates for RE but intakes in Jan for QDG lol! Recruiter is on leave for the week so I am quite excited to get the ball rolling.

    btw my first choice is Royal Engineer Drive OP

    I hope some sappers can shed light on this whole no-intake thing

    Thanks for your time

  2. Have heard off quite a few different people (barrack rumours) that recruiting is closed for this year, I don't know how that works for people on your shoes that are already in the system but with the army being fully manned at the moment, and especially the Engineers (heard we're at 103% currently) it looks like it could be a while mate.
  3. Thanks for speedy reply. But apparently the whole "army is full" is complete Bullsh!t according the the main ADSO Brief on selection. He says they need to recruit a fair amount to cover leavers etc.... But ye I guess I will probably wait until RE start recruiting as I want to be part of the corps. Heared VERY good things about you:D Hope you'll have me anyway:D

    Thanks again
  4. As I say mate, only barrack rumours which alot of the time are complete bollocks.

    Good luck with getting in, don't settle for second. |It'll be worth the wait - especially if you did take your second choice you'd always be thinking what if? If tanks are your thing - go armoured buddy. You'll still go to Bovvy for your phase2b where all the tankies go but will get yourself on Trojan, Titan, Spartans and know some lads that have done Warriors too.
  5. Of course there will be intakes for the Royal Engineers. My mate has been attached to the QDG for a couple of years and fecking hates it by the way so stick to the RE.
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Sappers are still recruiting and with an ADSC A grade you are well placed. Driver is not easy, as the Corps is overmanned in that trade. Engr Log Spec or C3S should get you in earlier. Do NOT go QDG (or anything cavalry) - they are about to be spanked in the Defence Review.
  7. Thanks for the post Chimera. Any chance on elaborating about the "spank" to cavalry or other corps coming in the defence review? Just for curiousity really and to aid my decisions:D
  8. My recruiter also told me the RE was full mate and I live on the wirral, said he had about 40 lads who have been waiting over a year who only got c grades to get in and the earliest intake would be April for me. I havent even done my Barb yet though as I have got to loose weight.

    Best of luck to you mate and grats on the A grade, as everybody said dont settle for second choice you obviously picked RE for a reason as your first.
  9. The RE has had a buoyant recruiting year with a 99% endstate for 09/10 (Sapper Telegraph July 2010) If you still fancy the RE's try Geo or Engr Log Spec which are pinch point trades. Chimera is spot on with his assesment of the cavalry (as usual) the upcoming cuts are going to be emotional all round. If you want to be in the RE keep plugging away, even better if you can get some link, a friend or relation who you can use to enhance your application. Good Luck.
  10. stick with "The Corps" jamie it will be worth it in the long run, good luck. REgards.
  11. I passed with a B in december i've got my date for 26th september :) I got it at the end of april. My mate passed with an A in febuary and hasn't heard a thing. Im doing c3s and hes doing fabricating.
  12. Well done and good luck, I know that fitter ACR is a pinch trade at the moment, as for any others, can't really say.

    Good choice and stand ready.
  13. I got an A yesterday, bricklayer first choice, my recruiter said the very earliest will be January
  14. Alright mate there are 6 of us going on that date pm me and I will add you on facebook
  15. We have have not stopped recruiting, all the RE phase one places this year have pretty much been filled (the Corp is one of the top job choices). We run on the financial year April-April so next years courses will be April onwards. They will start loading them probably around Dec/Jan how many places each trade gets depends on how many the Corp needs, they will load the courses from the top down i.e A, B, C, D with an A grade id expect you to go first.

    For RE Drv as of Monday their were 40 people who have passed for the trade one B, and 39 nine C's so as an A you will go to the top of the list !

    The choice is yours wait for Gods Corp or opt for a diff job to get you in quicker !

    The above is all readily available to your recruiters