passed ADSC on the 7th Dec

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sweetsoutar, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. hiya passed selection ADSC last month and haven't recieved basic dates yet. shall i wait on these or should i know by now? :)

  2. i passed selection back in septmeber and im still waiting for a date. ive been told its likely to be april time but im calling up this week to find out. so your not the only one thats been waiting ages :D
  3. yeh april is wen ive been told i should start....something to do with payrole!

    thanks 4 the reply! :D
  4. any time mate. what are you going in as?
  5. well im a girl so its nothing to do with paras lol! combat medical tech im going in for! cant wait!

    what about you?
  6. thats what im joining as! might see you in phase 2 then :p
  7. you never no :)
  8. I wonder why you need to wait so long :|

    I passed selection in October and went into my careers office the next day and got my date for phase 1.

    Rather odd, unless of course they're matching up your phase 1 passing out time to just before your phase 2 course starts so you don't have long to wait :)

    -- Cable
  9. Hello just a quick question, got my selection weekend on the 17th and 18th jan. What did you have to do to pass? Apart from the 1.5 mile which i am aware.

  10. Exactly............ There are only a few courses a year for a lot of the CEG's especially trade related jobs. Jobs like infantry, Paras, RA, RAC, RLC driver ave a lot more phase 2 courses so primarily quicker to get on Phase 1 courses......unless a junior.
  11. I passed in August, and start in Feb, but I found out my dates the next day when I rang to tell the ACIO that I had passed. Then within a week they had sent a letter out to me confirming it all!

    Give them a bell in the morning, no harm in having a chat if nothing else.
  12. I've got mine on the 17th, you going to lichfield by any chance?
  13. No going to Pirbright mate, good luck and keep us informed of your progress.
  14. Aye, good luck aswell mate.
  15. congratulations at last sweetsouter! I can't believe they are taking this long to give you your dates! My recruiting office was eager as fcuk to get me on the next intake day at Catterick! Just keep hasstling them it can't hurt :)