passed ADSC on friday.....dates for basic?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sweetsoutar, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. sweetsoutar

    sweetsoutar Clanker

    passed ADSC on friday well chuffed! had the best 2 days!

    does anyone no how long it will be untill i get my basic dates for pirbright?
    just want a general time so i can focus on my training b4 i go!

  2. spiny08

    spiny08 Swinger

    when i had my interview were i found out when i was going selection they looked it up on the p.c and told me that i will be attending basis training in the first week of january (i fink its the sixth but not 2 sure) but thats only if i pass selection on tuesday. But otherwise i should think you will find out very shortly and congrats mate.
  3. mrs_sting

    mrs_sting Old-Salt

    I'm having to wait 8 months but it depends on if there is a job for your trade, I think.
  4. icemann

    icemann Old-Salt

    i passed adsc thurs literally got dropped at the station turned my phone on and had acio ringing with dates either 1st jan or 3rd march if you havent been onto your recruiter already do so its all on the trades availability i remeber asking the interviewer adsc availability dates
  5. Locky

    Locky Clanker

    you might start when i do ! goin pirbright 25th of feb
  6. Soozi

    Soozi War Hero

    I had an idea before ADSC, but had a letter confirming the dates, within a week of passing!
  7. Chillpill

    Chillpill Clanker

    hmmmm. I never received a letter. I was just told that I will get all the relevant info on attestation day.
  8. SmithsRail

    SmithsRail War Hero

    Congratulations of passing sweetsoutar, about time!
  9. sweetsoutar

    sweetsoutar Clanker

    haha thanks SmithsRail :D
  10. Hypno85

    Hypno85 Old-Salt

    Congrats on passing. What trade you going for?
  11. sweetsoutar

    sweetsoutar Clanker

    thanks :) im going for combat med tech!
  12. mrs_sting

    mrs_sting Old-Salt

    Are you male or female?
  13. sweetsoutar

    sweetsoutar Clanker

  14. mrs_sting

    mrs_sting Old-Salt

    Ok same as me and soozi we've waited since July & August for the next one on the 24th Feb, but hopefully you'll get a place on the same date and not have to wait as long as us.
  15. sweetsoutar

    sweetsoutar Clanker

    o ok! ive got my fingers crossed now! really hope its febuary because it would be such a drag to wait 6 month! thanks for the info mrs_sting. what is your choice of trade?