Passed ADSC now been told need to do maths and english test

I passed my ADSC on the 11th Feb :)
When i called afco up for a training date they said i need to do a key skills test which will inc maths and english before i can start basic. Has anyone had to do this?
My job trades are : Artillery and Int Corps

Any help ,much appreciated
It wont be a BARB test if they have already passed ADSC now, will it?
Everyone has to do one with certain job choices- you are right on that count, Int Corps being one of the jobs- don't panic yourself, it isn't hard. Here is a practice question for you, I've been nice and put the answer in for you already.

ha u might of been there wen i got there at night there was a load of guys watching training day lol i passed today mate gd time

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