Passed ADSC Glencourse - Happy to answer any questions

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ITMatt, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Evening all,

    Just got back from Edingburgh now after passing ADSC Glenscourse.

    Although most questions have been asked and answered regarding ADSC, I'm still happy to answer any questions anyone may have. It was a fantastic experience and a real laugh, so it should certainly be something to look forward to.

    We had around 40 lads start, but ost around a dozen guys through the medical. The officers did repeatidly mention that medical is one of the biggest hurdles to pass at this stage, and it is something that you have little control over.

    The rest, such as strength tests, team tasks and the 1.5 mile run are purely down to you. I think we only had one person fail the run, and two fail the team tasks.

    I actually surprised myself on the run, coming in first with a time of 9:02 - not the best, as there are lads on here claiming sub 8 min times, but certainly the best on the day (today). The team tasks are straightforward - just have fun and get stuck in. Always show confidence throughout your time at ADSC, without being c*cky and you'll do well.

    Any questions, just post away - and good luck to those off to ADSC(G) this week.
  2. Congratulations!

    I'm off up there on the 30th.

    How did your icebreaker go?
  3. Ice breaker went well - you just talk about yourself, your family, ambitions, the regiment you want to join and why, etc.

    You're scored on the clearness of your speed, your confidence and how loud you are (without shouting).

    The scoring for each is out of 3, 1 being the lowest (no confidence) and 3 being the highest (highly confident).
  4. Thats a 1 for me then :D
  5. do you know what the main reasons were for people failing the medical ?
  6. Dodgy ticker tends to be a favorite.
  7. Aye, heart murmur was the top reason, along with an history of asthma, depression, etc.
  8. i'm worrying about this heart murmur thing like. its the only thing thats worrying me
  9. I just got deferred for a heart murmur yesterday at Glencorse, I think there was 4 other heart murmur deferrals from a group of about 40
  10. Where does your lap go when you stand up?
  11. Do you get a timetable when you collect your travel documentation?
  12. honestly what happens at the medical
  13. LUFC91: Yes, you get a detailed time table with your train warrants.

    oloveridge: The medical I did on the day was quite simple and straightforward. It consisted of having your height, weight and body fat levels taken, followed by an hearing test and then a detailed check over/interview with a doctor, where he checks your joints, ears, eyes, heart, lungs and performs the good ole cough and drop.

    Unfortunately, the medical is at the mercy of the Gods. Hopefully, you'll be fine.
  14. ITMatt. Well done, the first hurdle is over.

    Now just phase 1 & 2 before you join my beloved Corps :D
  15. just wondering what is the point of the cough and drop i mean what is supposed to happen or not happen