Passed ADSC...but (advice needed pls)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by TotalWar, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. My Son passed ADSC with flying colours.
    Did the run in 10:28
    did all the other fitness tests easily. Scored very high on the team events.
    got 10/10 for the military test(grenades)

    Because his chosen trade choices were Armoured Eng, and REME veh mech, he took the TST and scored 43/55. The interview went very well.

    Now the but.....
    We knew he was colour blind and had pointed it out to the AFCO, so we knew there was a chance that would stop him getting his job choices.

    He scored zero on the ishahara book test, so he then took the lantern test, and didnt pass that.
    So hes been put down as CP4. Which means he cant do either of his job choices, hes gutted.
    He argues that his colour blindness isnt as bad as his cousin, who is a weapons tech on Subs in the Navy, or his grandad who was an MT driver in the RAF, but they have been assesed as CP3.

    Does anyone know, if he can appeal, or go to a civvy optician for a test?

    Hes been given a list of jobs he can do, and weve been through them on the internet, to find out about each one.

    Jobs he can do:
    RAC crewman
    Royal Engineers ME C3S
    Royal Engineers ME driver op
    HCav crewman
    Royal Arty Command Systems
    and loads of different gunners on Arty systems
    and also Infantry.

    His aim is to do commando, or Paras at some stage.

    Any advice on any of the above jobs would be welcome.

    He will contact the AFCO today, and we will go in for a chat with them.

    Hes still really motivated to join, and loved his time at Glencorse. Its just a real shame that something hes got no control over has stopped him getting the career he wanted.

  2. sorry i think i misread your post! id go to a civvie optician. if you search on here a few mistakes have been made and put right by doing this.
  3. A similar thing happened to my son - he wanted to be a sapper, but the medical showed he was similarly colour blind. We got a second opinion from a civvy optician, which showed he was SLIGHTLY colour blind.
    The recruiting office wouldn't listen , so he ended up as a REME VM (although ironically the rules have just changed, so if he was applying now, he would not be a VM)

    I would book a civvy test and go back to the recruiting office and suggest a rethink. I get the distinct impression from posts here that a lot of servicemen are channelled into posts just to fill them.

    Good luck !!
  4. if he wants to go paras and they said he can do it then happy days
  5. thanks for the replies.

    He may go to a civvy optition.

    We've just been in to the AFCO for a chat. We discovered that the job list he had been given yesterday at Glencorse was wrong, it wasnt for him. So there are new jobs to consider.

    He is thinking very seriously about applying for the role of Observation Post Assistant in the RA. Sounds like a good job, with good prospects, and obvious progression to Commando or Paras.

    He could also be a reccy mech in the REME.
  6. I failed my eyesight test for my job choice aswell, and had to pick a new job from a list.

    Tell him to look into Radar Operator, thats what I've went down for its a really intresting job and is really good to have on your CV for when you leave the Army. They also do other Intelligence and Target Accusation(sp?) jobs within the Radar Operator job.
  7. If he is considering this role but wants that specialism, speak to the Careers Office about 7 Para RHA or 29 Commando as these are the Artillery regiments that support the Parachute Regiement and the Royal Marines. I recently passed ADSC for 7 Para RHA as an OP and start in August and from many friends in the regiment say it is well worth it.

    Hope it goes all well
  8. Josh you at Harrogate in august?
  9. no, Pirbright, why do you ask?
  10. Im Harrogate in August.
  11. i did exactly the same, went to ADSC (glencorse) passed everything, got CP4 so obviously couldnt do EOD which was my dream so now i have a list of jobs i dont want to do.....The one thing i would have liked explaining to me is the policy decisions behind certain CP requirement. Int Corp for example. The insurgents are in the red building, shit the green one, no the red one (maybe thats why?)
  12. Kingburn I felt the same way You did after I failed my eye sight for my chosen job, I got a list of jobs that never appeal to me, but you have to remember, you never knew alot about any of the jobs you put down before going into the ACIO, Have a look on the internet at all the jobs breifs, I would reccomend looking at Radar Op of you have it on your list. :lol:
  13. From a recruiters perspective i would have chosen RE C3S ;)

    Not only for the fact that you do a 10 week Combat engineering course after Phase 1 training which puts you on a higher pay band, but also for the fact that the RE, the same as R Signals and many of the other technical cap badges have their own Parachute Squadron, Commando Squadron and other specialist units such as EOD ;)
  14. haha....i am currently a radar op in the T.A its quite an interesting job and i think i would enjoy it for a couple of months until i got bored. However, this could be the same for any job i suppose. RAVC dog trainer is on there, which sounds quite interesting, but i have heard they expect you to have history of dog work/volunteering or is the recruiter blowing smoke up my arrse?