Passed ADSC at lichfield.......Harrogate sept 08 next

Hi all.

I have passed selection at lichfield today and now i cant wait for harrogate in september. If theres anyone going in september leave a post or pm me.

no offence but im glad i didnt go there you might not want to but have you considered wating and going catterick? you get in quicker the training is shorter, i was 1 month off being the youngest age to go in as an adult but im glad because im moving quicker after your year you still only come in at like week 10 or so at catterick im already past that i think ive passed phase 1 but i dunno its all in one here...phase 1 and 2 theres no clear gap apart from the 2 weeks leave which i got next friday but thats just bang in the middle of training regardless of the phases which is annoying...

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