Passed ADSC and need some help

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hello guys, as u can see by the tpic title i passed my ADSC yesterday and i need some help.
I was going for infantry but i was to slow on my 1.5mile run time which is my fault for letting off on my training but now if i still want to go in infantry i have to do a 3 week course at ITC Catterick before phase 1 starts for fitness or i can go straight into the armoured core and and start phase 1, anyway my question is if i was to go into the armoured core and do my phase 1 training my fitness should hopefully be upto to infantry standards as we train to be a soldier first then train for the trade in phase 2, would it be possible to switch after phase 1 to be a rifleman??? thanks for your help :)
Why not just go and do the 3 week course and go for what you want from the start? It is only 3 weeks and you'll be plenty fit. Also - you've said you could have trained harder - so just up the training a bit. 3 weeks is nothing.
that is true hinecap but intake for infantry is in jan so i would be goin off next week lol, and i havent got any of the kit list i will need and no moneey either otherwise i would do that. :(
I suggest stop being a lazy bast@rd, and stop depending on the army to get you fit! You should have enough self motivation to get yourself alot fitter than you are now, then take the catch up course, and become a rifleman, as i assume thats what you really want to do?
You can get the kit list sorted in a day if you put your mind to it. You'll be fed and watered and bedded, so you won't need money. Stop finding excuses and get on with it.
im not being a lazy bastard as you put it, i just dont have a penny to my name at this time, and i would need money to buy a iron and such. Thanks for the harsh comments which i was hoping i wouldnt get and just a answer to my question
So - you don't think you are ready to start training - be it now or in Jan - is that the case? If you haven't got any money now, how will you get it by whenever you want to start?

It also reads like you've not prepared enough for the Trade you want - because you've admitted that - and you think that armoured would be a softer option to get you up to fitness - and in a timescale that suits you better. The Army has offered you a nice quick solution (that many on here don't get) - your call, but why would the Army think you had what it takes to be fit enough for Inf after Phase 1 if you've not got it now?
i will be ready for training in january, just not now. i am unemployed and i get my money from the goverment ie signing on. im not thinking armoured core would be the softer option. I was told i could go straight into phase 1 of the armoured core without the fitness course by my interviewer at adsc. I am thinking of the armoured core now but i would just like to know if it is possible to change after phase 1. I wasnt fit enough because i only went running once in 2 weeks from pre selection as i thought i would be ok but i wasnt so yes it was a very bad call on my part i know now. And why would the army think i would be fit enough after phase 1, i dont know its just what i thought as they train you to be a soldier first
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