Passed 3rd, Waiting on ADSC.

Hey, quick question I'm hoping a quick answer.

Passed 3rd interview earlier on today in my application process for AFC - He said that he would be more than happy to forward me on to ADSC. And that it would most probably be in about 2-3 weeks. Started a bit on the icebreaker, askin if I knew what it was - I replied yes, obviously. But that was all that was said on that.

Then he said that's it, I thanked, I Left, I came home.

I then grew some brain cells and realised I didn't ask whether he would be conacting me with everything or would I get something through the mail...

So I came here. My idea is that if nothing comes through or I dont get a call within a week then ring up ACIO and ask them about it before they have a chance.

Just sit tight, as soon as the recruiting office get an electronic alert informing them of your slot at ADSC, you will get a phone call ;)

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