Passchendaele 100 Years on and Plucky Little Belgium

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by geezer466, Jul 30, 2017.

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  1. On BBC this evening at the Menin Gate. Attended by Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Belgian Royalty and Theresa May. Sir Tim Lawrence also in attendace representing CWGC.

    Well organised by the Belgians and carried off with much dignity befitting the occasion.

    Cannot ever see Steptoe carrying off something like this with the dignity such an occasion demands.

    One can never envisage the scale of the loss of WW1 until they have seen the size of Tyne Cot Cemetary.
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  2. Read a story today of 4 horses and gun carriage just being swallowed up by the mud.What a dreadful waste to advance 5 miles.
  3. Rather curiously, you managed to get 'Passchendaele' right, but buggered up 'Belgium'.
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  4. Oh!! :oops:
    Off to edit.
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  5. Hah! The crafty edit. I would have respected you more had you let it stand.
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  6. Tonights ceremony is the 30,752nd ceremony to be performed since the Menin Gate opened on the 24th July 1927. The Last Post Ceremony has taken place every evening since that date with the exception of the period of occupation by the Germans in WW2. A living and enduring tribute to the massive sacrifice of the Great War.
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  7. Am I right in thinking that they played it in London for the occupation ?
  8. I visited some 15 or so years ago. The local fire brigade used to perform the Last Post. Now it seems it is the Last Post Association.

    No particular day it was an ordinary Wednesday evening in early June and there were still 3 or 4 dozen people present to witness it.
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  9. They were indeed the local Pompiers, The Last Post association has been in existence since 1928 so I guess they were pretty intertwined as organisations go.

    One of the Buglers retired at the age of 91, unfortunately he passed away slightly after.
    Former bugler Antoon Verschoot dies at the age of 91 - News | Last Post Association
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  10. I went with my Nephew a couple of years ago, he said it was the most moving thing he had ever experienced, before visiting I had not told him what happened
    the night we went it was packed solid
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  11. I too visited there some twelve years ago. I stood next to a local man there with his two young `uns. He told me that just before 2000 each evening, people living just across the road from the Gate, will look over and if there are no witnesses to the playing of the Last Post, they will don their coats and go and stand with ensure that someone witnesses the ceremony.

    He also told me that his wife`s grandfather was one of the stone masons who carved the names of the fallen onto the walls of the Gate. He has never been able to return although he resides in Ypres. He would take a detour rather than walk or drive through the memorial.

    It is a very moving ceremony and I firmly believe that the Belgians will uphold the tradition with the greatest dignity.
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  12. Went in 1990s and very moving. Went a couple of years ago and felt like a over hyped Wooten Basset full of grief whores. Sorry - it had diminished itself in my eyes.
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  13. While we waited, a copper stopped the traffic ( we had ridden through the Menin gate earlier )
    one kid had a noisy stereo going, not too loud, just annoying, a copper went over and leaned in and said something, radio off engine off and an apology !
    italy trip 2013 2367.JPG
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  14. Brookwood Military cemetery.
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  15. I suppose it depends on the time of the year, I think it was September when we went, at the end of a 3 week European Motorcycle tour, we stopped up the road that last night and caught an early morning Ferry
    quite a contrast, but we had also visited Tyne Cot and a few of my relatives graves on the Somme
    I would quite like to visit it again but in Winter
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