Pass the sick bag - Nick Clegg apologises

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by slipperman, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. You can tell the silly season (aka Conference season) is about to kick off. Anyone else catch Cleggy boy apologising for his party not sticking to its guns over tuition fees? It really was risible. "I owe it to you to be up front about it" and "when we are wrong, we hold our hands up, but when we are right, we hold our heads up". Who writes this shit?
    They really will do anything to squeeze out a few votes.
    If there is any justice, this pampered nonentity will be fcuked off at the high port come the next GE, although the way it is going, he may not make it that far.
    Off for a glass of vino to calm down.
  2. We need to have a chat, your life priorities are all wrong if you get incensed at that shit.
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  3. I still can't believe a tiny majority party is actually trying to dictate what passes for law in this Country! If people wanted the Lib Dems, they would of had a majority - they didn't, so STFU. Where is that wine at?
  4. Agreed, life's too short. However, that little shit has his slimy little fingers on the levers of power (admittedly only tentatively), when his support base is only marginally higher than my own. He shouldn't be in charge of a tuck shop.
  5. I'll pour you one mucker. White or Red? :)
  6. Never mind. After the next election he will either be propping up a minority Labour government, seeking to be a commissioner of the EU or confined to the dustbin of history. Hopefully the latter.
  7. I think that is what really grips me. Whether or not the LibDems melt down, whether or not he loses his own seat at the next GE, he is guaranteed a safe, well paid post in the EU, ala the Kinnock dynasty. Never has mediocrity paid so well.
  8. I am pretty old and knackered - but, I still have a vote.

    Last time I voted Tory and was not happy when the 'majority' was not achieved.

    I blamed the pathetic, puerile TV 'debates'. So many souls said: 'Oh, I like that Clegg' and voted Lib/Dem. Thus, they destroyed the Tory majority.

    I thought the idea of coalition, in the circumstances, was a brave and innovative idea. I had reckoned without the malign existence of: Vince Cable! What a complete cvnt!

    Luckily, although I am old, I am still rich enough to emigrate; or, more accurately: become a tax exile.

    I know, I am a coward to run away, but with the prospect of the adenoidal Milithing and the malevolent and purely spiteful, malicious Balls, ready to rule my life - no thanks.

    For those not able to poke off from this broken country, do NOT vote Labour!
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  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    One hates to disagree, but you are wrong. I personally couldn't give a rats about student tuition fees. But Clegg stood up before the last election and made a pledge.


    That was what he said, promised and asked many people to vote for the Lib-Dems on the basis of.

    Then the lying **** sold out his promise.

    He lied. He is a back stabbing traitor who will sell his word down the river. The mealy mouthed little posh **** may not be my priority, but he has my full attention.
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  10. So basically, they are all as bad as each other - where are the inspirational figures required to lead the country? I know as you get older you tend to put the rose-tinted specs on and yearn for "the good old days" *, but the current crop of careerists across all parties is pretty depressing, with Clegg being the High Priest of mediocrity (and a proven liar to boot). I'm with Isquared on this - if the country votes Labour back in, I'm off!

    *if there ever was such a utopia.
  11. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    I'm with you on that one Sir Duke. Someone can be wrong on economic policy which may blow hot and cold, or a foreign policy where the world situation is volatile, but not for a straightforward pledge on a simple and controlled matter as tuition fees. Either it is permitted to increase fees or it is not. Clegg is in government and its his responsibility to honour the election manifesto. Clegg sold out on his promise. Its not a matter of being right or wrong, its a matter of making good an election pledge. People's valuable votes were influenced by what was said before the votes were given. Clegg has renegued on each and every vote given to the Liberal Democrats.
  12. There's been so many U turns between the pair of them they're going in circles.
  13. Agree with both you and the 'Duke. The bloke's a dirty rotten liar and knows it. "No increased fees" prompted some of us to study this year, how much? About £2.5 K for 60 credits part time. Still, we've got this "song" to cheer us up, for about ten seconds anyway BBC News - Nick Clegg spoof 'I'm sorry' video song to be released