pass out parade

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by nemo23, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. ok, so i searched the forum but it didnt turn up anything i was looking for. i was wondering what exactly the pass out parade for the infantry would consist of? like what i be doing on the day, etc... any help would be great thanks.

    also, its at the end of the whole training right? or is it somewhere in between the training, as it is phase 1 and 2 combined...

  2. from what i have read i think its after phase one (about six weeks i think)
  3. No it's after phase one, but that lasts 14 weeks at the moment (I think). It's definitely longer than 6 weeks though.
  4. 6 weeks is pass off the square to earn ur beret

    week 24 is finall pass out.
  5. is the 6 week pass of a big event? like did you have family down? sorry for all the questions but my dad is wanting to come over for my pass out parade, from america, and it is expensive plus hard to get off work for hime, so trying to establish a date, thanx.
  6. It is the final pass out that is the big event with a parade, and families in attendance. It will be the biggest day of your life and you will want your family to share in it.
  7. yes the week 6 is a big thing in your platoon as you get rid of ya horrible crow caps

    it isnt a family thing no

    PS passing out at catterick is in week 24 for line infantry, 26 for guards/para
  8. The final passing out depends on your trade - chris is going infantry, so what he says applies to them. If your going REME or something it'll be longer.
  9. yeh im going infantry. cheers lads.