Pass Out Parade

The RSM screamed the order "LIFT KILT's".

350 kilts were raised in unison.

The RSM scanned the sight before him then ordered "DROP KILT'S"

350 kilt's were dropped.

He picked the man in the second rank and rammed his pace stick into his groin.

The poor guy groaned but didn't buckle

The RSM asked "did that hurt soldier?".

"NO SIR" came the muffled reply.

"Why not?" asked the RSM

"Because I'm part of the toughest regiment in the British Army Sir" was the reply

He picked another soldier and repeated the same thing and got the same reply.

Further along the rank he saw the longest penis he'd ever seen about three inches were laying flat on the parade square.

The RSM walked over and stood in front of the soldier, looking him in the eyes the RSM smiled wickedly then stamped on the exposed penis, still looking at the soldier who was calm and showing no signs of any sort of pain whatsoever,

The RSM looked on amazed at the reaction and said "That didn't hurt because your in the toughest regiment in the British Army is that right soldier?"

But the soldier looked the RSM in the eye and replied "No Sir its because it's not mine its the guy's behind me"

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