Pass out parade with medals

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by polar, Dec 8, 2008.

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  1. Just seen a mates photo album on facebook.

    His partner has just passed out from recruit training but she has two operational gongs. It just seems so so so wrong.
  2. I know :(, we had a lad who has done 4 back to back combat tours of stan and iraq, a tour junky, hes L/Cpl and if he wants to go regs he has to do CIC.
  3. Why? We had ex TA joining the regulars wearing theirs at the passing out parade. They earned them they get to wear them.
    Unless your implying she isn't entitled to them?
  4. Now I see what you are saying She shouldn't have to do basic.
  5. My wife did 6 yrs TA, got to full screw and did a tour. She has just completed phase one, after initial promises she would only do phase two. Funnily, I resent it, as a reg, more than she does!
  6. In a way. She's joined a different service so I partly agree she has to do basic but the rules can make a situation where a recruit has more operational experience than the instructor.

    I just think this needs to be looked at, things are not black & white at the mo - we have a large bit of grey in the TA but I would say if you've earned an op gong - you've done your basic, any service
  7. Don't necessarily agree. I have an ex TA mate now reg, who was infantry, now RMP. His Op tour experience consisted primarily of booking people into Div.
  8. what NM said, obviously would need to do basic for Trade training, but for infantry wanting to go regs with his regular battalion after doing 2-4 op tours with said parent battalion should not apply.
  9. I think with RMP the policy is your tour needs to fall within 2 yrs of your trg date.
  10. Maybe s mini-basic training course for TA wanting to tranfer, I presume there is enough TA wanting to join to warrant it.
    I had this discussion with TA who transfered before, the training for a tour(and doing a tour), Is not always enough for being back at barracks. (How often do the TA have room inspections) Would doing a tour in the Balkans 10 years previous mean that they should now skip regular basic? Undoubtly there is quite alot TA soldiers with tour experiance could miss in normal training but maybe not all.
  11. Agree with that 100%
  12. Maybe it needs to be pushed up the chain of command to design a tranfer course (If it saves the MOD money they are very likely to it).
  13. Six weeks at a ITC or a ATR perhaps.
  14. Certain TA soldiers in inf Bn's have achieved this through S - Type, Initial FTRS engagements and just down right good common sense by the unit Adjt's.
  15. It seems the Army is missing a trick here. A lot of guys join the TA for 3-4 years, do a tour or two and then want to transfer to regular service. The fact they have to start again from scratch puts many of them off. Especially if they have rank as the drop in pay can be crippling. If there could be some sort of fast track, or just make the transfer process simpler, it would benefit the Army across the board. You have some first class soldiers in the TA and many more would be willing to make that jump if it was easier.

    Obviously there would have to be some sort of screening process, as we have our fair share of mongs and walts!