Pass out ideas? What to buy.

oh god theres going to be hell on when Stacker 1 see's that
******* right, 10 to 15 quid? What sort of amateur extortionists are the British Army promoting to NCO rank?


British army before the days of political correctness. Every squaddy had a locker full of sharp edged tat: Mail order Samurai swords, spears brought back from Kenya, rambo knives, axes...God knows what else.

I never personally witnessed it, but I heard stories of people carrying private weapons on the streets of Belfast that would have led to major scandals today.

We all liked to carry kukris or bowies on our webbing. When chest webbing first came out, there was a craze for strapping tanto edged daggers to the front. The officers and senior NCOs were fine with it.
I remember carrying a Bowie Knife strapped to the left portion of my webbing whilst in South Armagh.


Son is currently nearing the end of his basic training at Catterick. We are looking for inspiration for what to give him as a gift. We are thinking about getting him a decent watch that is both rugged and waterproof but around the £400 mark. But also want to get him something “useful” he can use. Does anyone have any ideas?
One of the better 'ruggedised' watches I had was the one in the link below. Very strong, simple, and easy to read at night. An ideal soldier's watch IMO. That said, mine packed up after 3 years, but maybe I was unlucky:

A 'ruggedised' phone is a great idea - I have had a Blackview phone for 3 years and it as near as 'soldier proof' that one can get. Example below:



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It's unlikely that Army mama is the lad's Dad, unless they are for Norfolk.
OK so I should have said parents then. Still might have interesting connotations in Norfolk though.


Thanks all for the suggestions and comment. Definitely got enough to work with now and have a good think! Thanks and take care
Thinking back to what I was like as 19yr old Tom, not sure what £400'll get you though...


I've got one- marked as Belgian Army.

That one is a Belgian one too, with ABL marked on the blade.
Genuine Brit ones in top notch condition are getting very pricey, and as a cheapskate I’ll just wait for one to come along at a bargain price :)
But what country are you in @CSM's Despair.. ?!

I have a couple of kukri in the house - for "gardening" you understand - gifted to me by my son a former Officer of Gurkhas, but to my knowledge they are VERY Gurkha specific !!
Gurkha units used to sell them at their PRI's in Hong Kong and Aldershot. Lots of squaddies going to Belize or Brunei had them on their webbing. Better than the issued Golak machette or tree beater as it was better known.
What he needs is a chest rig in DPM, a worn out windproof in DPM and anything else I can dig out of storage.

I also have some SAS boot brushes, good price, very cheap.
Issued kit is excellent these days.

A Barbour, leatherman/gerber, hip flask, a decanter and possibly engraved/regimental cufflinks are all excellent suggestions that have utility and should last the majority of a lifetime and not be too Army should he leave after four years.

You could always save the leftover cash to make sure he has a lovely time, however you spend it when he comes home at Christmas. He may be a bit homesick by then.

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