pass out friday

Discussion in 'REME' started by rememike91, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. im passing out friday from phase one and me and a few lads were wondering on the no2 dress hats what way round the reme tradition for the chin strap is. Cheers
  2. Simple, you wear it over the top of said hats, pulling the sides of the top down so it can look proper ally in later times and remember to slash the peak the night before ;-)
  3. Surely your instructors can guide you on this?
  4. You haven't quite grasped the primary role of Arrse.
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  5. 'pass out friday'? isn't that every friday of the month followed by 'on yer chin strap saturday'
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  6. Jimmy kicks the ball.

    Not that this is of any use to you of course but the Scaleys might recognise it.
  7. "Traditionally" you had to look in the relevant EMER to find answers to such mind boggling questions. In answer to your query, the "buckle" of the strap should be central under the capbadge. (This can lead to some distortion to the shape of the headwear, but it is tradition).
  8. Just above the peak so that the shaving foam gets stuck in the strap.
  9. The REME "Twat Hat" is well not ally. I wouldn't be seen dead passing out in one of them again, you'd be the laughing stock.

    Get yourself off to Blackbush market and get one of these soviet equivalents:


    .....well ally or what?
  10. Just under the nose, stops you sneezing during the parade.
  11. You're only meant to have it attached at one end, the other end is meant to be fixed to your rifle.

    It's more of a weapon sling than a chinstrap - but not many people know that so if your Sect Comd gets all pissy with you for wearing it like that, he's a clueless mong.

  12. I've heard it said that these thing can double up as a helicopter landing pad, just so long as they are keep well clear of The Ucrane