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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by rememike91, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. Not to sure if this should go in this section but here goes. I pass out friday from phase one and im joining reme as a vm. But me and a few of the other lads were wondering, on the number 2 dress caps whats the reme tradition for the chin strap ?? Much appreciated thanx
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  2. What do you mean by REME tradition for the chin strap? I guess by now you will have worn it and know how it is fitted and positioned on the hat itself. What else is there to need to know?

    Congratulations to you and your mates on doing well and getting this far. Keep it up, have a good career and a good life. Sometimes wish it could be my turn again.
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  3. Don't ever use your chinstrap EVER ..keep it above the peak otherwise you will look like one of those ghastly RAF chaps! I would prefer to affix my hat with a six inch nail than go down that road.

    Oh and good luck on your big day.
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  4. chin straps are bad mate, and to be avoided at all cost.
  5. I didnt explain well enough lol yea it is above the peak but it can either go dot on the left or right just wasnt sure :/
  6. Ah yes, I see what you mean now. I can't remember but for sure it is just by the rule (there is no tradition about this) as your DS staff have advised you (they must have done this by now surely).