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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by jack5c5, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. im going on selection on 22nd of this month and will have to do my technical skills test if i fail this will i fail selection or will i just go to my second option as you only have to do this test for trade jobs and my second job choice is ra cheers
  2. Of course, this question is one that your recruiter has absolutely no idea how to answer...
  3. hes reme and tries to be pushy he talks shit to tell you what you want to here
  4. you'd have tobe pretty sad to post untrue info if sum1 asks something do yous giggle to yourselves when you do it saddos
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  5. If you fail, they will let you have the job anyway.

    Save yourself some time, and don't bother preparing for it.

  6. And he's also something you are not.

    You civilian wretch.
  7. I think your recruiter has the right idea in trying to **** you off. No unit will want a whinging tosser joining them.
  8. Send Key Setting Over.
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  9. "Selection" don't you just have to make 4k an hour over the hills with 70lb on your back.
  10. I wold like to join the Army.... can you promise me I will not get wet?
  11. looks, it nothing its only pain... get over that and its easy... then the RSM is on the Horizon...
  12. How the hell do you think you can do Windsurfing with FRANK if you don't get wet muppet. (meant muppet in the nicest way :)