Pass or Fail - Medical Examination

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Alex.Clark, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Copied from my post about AFC Harrogate application:

    "Supposidly most fail on Medical - Hopefully my history won't screw me up:


    Nose Bleeds occasionally (treated with cauterisation *burning of vessels*)
    Frostbite in 1999 to face - Treated within a year.

    Do any of you honestly think that will fuckup my chances?"
  2. How can you fail for that?

    Most fail? Maybe most have ailments? :eek:

    It depends on the applicant to be frank, you'll have to ask in the RAMA and QARANC section to get a more.. "professional" opinion
  3. Please explain to me how your opinion is even the slightest bit " professional. thanks


  4. Do you still have a nose and ears and do they work?
    if you do you should be fine

    however if you have a face thats been hit with a shovel, and you cant smell/Hear, you would be truly FUBAR

  5. Nah all fine, just was nervous i guess.

  6. You will be a fine next gen. woopert

  7. You will be fine, get fitness training though!
  8. a few things. when it says most fail on medical, i think it means 'out of those who fail, most fail on medical'

    secondly, for harrogate, that means your 15/16 at most. so 1999 made you what 7/8/9
    how did you get frostbite so young?
  9. Was out in Chamonet (spelling?) Near the Alps. Got family out there you see -
    Stupid Skiiing instructor was to stupid to realise there was a low blizzard going on - we carriedon with no facial gear. Hence - the frostbite.

    No bad long term effects at all - had a temporary loss of feeling on left side of face. Sucked tbh - couldn't smile. I adapted ten it went away. No severities whatsoever.

    W**ker instructor though.

  10. Wow thats incredibly rubbish! Did the instructor get sacked/sued?

  11. Not a clue. Hardly even remember being 'ill' (under influence of the frostbite). Think another term was used to describe it as: Shingles. Sadly was a cross between shingles and frostbite. And as i said left the left side of my face paralyzed for a short-term time.

    Got word that I have to wait 2 weeks then phone GP to esure he hs sent it off. Then a firther 2 weeks+ to wait and hear of Army's response to it.
    fingers crossed.
  12. I don't know I guess it was the fact that i'm a St. Johns first aider lol, thought I might know just a tad.