Pass or Fail - Help/opinion appreciated

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Alex.Clark, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. Copied from my post about AFC Harrogate application:

    "Supposidly most fail on Medical - Hopefully my history won't screw me up:


    Nose Bleeds occasionally (treated with cauterisation *burning of vessels*)
    Frostbite in 1999 to face - Treated within a year.

    Do any of you honestly think that will fuckup my chances?"
  2. Your thread doesn't work mate
  3. You'll never know until you TRY.
  4. Never heard of anyone ever failing due to nosebleeds or frostbite. Cauterisation is reglularly carried out to serving members and doesn't disbar them from service. As long as the frost bite was treated correctly there should be no problem. What have you got to lose, better to try rather than kick yourself a few years down the line and wonder what could have been.
  5. Oh no - It isn't stopping me from trying whatsoever,
    Handed in the Medical Booklet to GP today - need to wait 2weeks+ to check if it's been completed. From there have to wait a further length of time to find out if i go to selection or not (further down the line).

    Just me being nervous is all - not had one negative response yet so looking good :D

    Thanks for replies guys.
  6. Any Climate injury is quite serious in the medical sense for the military Im not sure of the time scale but you are moitored for ages if you are already in the military at the time of the injury and are then kinda downgraded cause you cant deploy to certain areas due to the climate, eg if it is frostbite you then cant go to Poland if the temp there is below as certain level. Worth a try I suppose good luck with everything,
  7. I suppose that the nose bleeds must have ended right about the same time as your nose dropped off due to your facial frostbite.

    Does anyone else smell a wah?
  8. Moron. Shingles/Frostbite. Research Shingles before statement thankyou.
    It was about 1" by 2" on the side of my face near temple, for about a year.
  9. Hmmm, what is the difference between frostbite and shingles.....? How about you look it up?
  10. Big difference. Frostbite = amputation.
    Shingles = keep your body parts.
  11. Thanks for that recruitAC, you may consider that my post was a rhetorical question directed at the pleb who started this thread.
  12. Oh, so it is it a wah then! Since shingles is a form of herpes varicella (chicken pox to the laymen), & frostbite... well, isn't!

    **** off to another part of the board you halfwitted fucktard.