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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by james_brother, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. I have a brother on Phase 1. Assuming he doesn't get back-squadded (seems to be doing OK at the moment...) we have a date for pass off parade. The PDF file timetable for his course says 0920-1240 as timings. Does anyone on here have any experience of this? Is 1240 the time the parade itself ends? What happens afterwards? (Any organised functions for families?) It's not that my brother will need to get away quickly, it's another family member wanting to book a flight (yeah, I know!) for the evening, so allowing for travel and check-in they want to work out a time which they must leave the barracks by.
    Thanks for your help. (I realise if he doesn't get to pass off on the date given then the timings won't be an issue).
  2. Most pass out parades will have set in stone March on, March off times depending on what ATR he is at. The other things you have to take into account are photos, handing in weapons etc and there might be other things tagged on for soldiers getting a presentation. He will also have to get changed afterwards and probably get his kit organised.

    As said it depends where he is, my son passes out soon and has been given a program of events( who's attending from family etc) which your family should get.

    Speak to your brother who will be able to speak to his platoon staff and get more idea from previous parsdes.
  3. Which ATR ?.
  4. Winchester is the ATR. My brother isn't plannng flying, just a family member who wants to dash afterwards! Thanks for the replies. Guess we'll have to wait for the info they will send us in the post.
  5. remembering my pass those many years ago.

    After marching off the square it was church parade, photos, meal for soldiers and families, soldiers get changed etc. then drinks in the naafi.

    You would be lookin at some time around 1600 at least i would say.
  6. Tell them to book a late fucking flight and support your brother then. Whats more important, a holiday or the rest of your brothers life?

  7. 1121hrs is the pass off time. you will be finished for 1230 for parade. then into the naffi for warm beer your mate or who ever it is who needs to go can go anytime after 1300 all will be done by then. generally the troops go back to the block for a final clean at 1400 check damages then get rid of them.

    as staff we are in the bar crow free at 1600hrs
  8. Quite!

    Thanks to acm2205 and RLC_DVR too for the info.
  9. ATR(W) pass off parade will start at 11:23 (not sure why it has to be 11:23 but it always has been and I suspect always will, or at least until the end of SE at ATR(W)). It is generally impossible to predict when the whole parade will finish as it depends on the number of soldiers on parade, how long the inspecting officer takes to inspect them, how long his or her speech will be and then how long the band take to do there little ditty at the end of the parade.

    Also if your brother gets an award (best recruit etc) then your family might want to hang around to get a couple of decent photos taken.

    A worse case senario is to plan for the whole thing to be over by about 1300 hrs.

    If your relative needs to get away early it is not a problem. Whilst here has been a comment here that it is out of order to go early in fairness some people travel a long way and therefore the reality is they need to get flights etc.

    Top tip - get here before 1000 hrs as the Gym Display is fairly good and always seems to go down well with the relatives and family.
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  11. sorted :)
  12. Point taken ... I have got off my high horse, and given myself a sound talking to. Grateful if you could remove my offending comment from your last post.

    Better things in life to consider!
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