Pashtu at deepcut

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Civi_Git, Oct 9, 2011.

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  1. I was told yesterday Im on this course at deepcut bks - and Ive been waiting out for a postcode but my boss doesnt seem to be about at the moment - could anyone furnish me with the correct postcode for the guardroom at deepcut , as I need to be setting off soon I should think (guessing - not even had a sniff of joining instructions so far) so I can get squared with digs etc.

    While Im asking , whats the accommodation like there - and besides a sense of humour and my helmet is there anything I should bring that might stop me from topping myself?
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  2. Thanks for that - the t'internets not great on my mobile, and I thought i might get a bit of extra int from the bods in the know on here.
  3. Are you in the army? (Civi-git)? The accomodation varies with rank. some (very lucky) officers and WOs) get put up in the lakeside if there isnt enough accomodation in the mess.
    The JR blocks (Which sgts have to stay in if there isnt room in the mess) are basic rooms, a few bunks the rest are communal.
    There is bugger all there mate, unless you are into your fitness, the running routes are good.
  4. Aye Im serving Ive just not bothered my arse changing my user name since I joined, Ill be in the juniors block then , it it divvied into P2 / P3 or will I wind up sharing with the RLCs finest young recruits (Shaggable?) Ive got plenty of PT kit so no dramas there , whats the crack with the gym? Happy with the running routes - I didnt want to be away from my unit for 10 weeks with no phys when were on PDT/MST, so not all bad news
  5. You will be in the transit block, you will normally have to park you car in the carpark outside camp, show your ID to the MPGS walk up to the guardroom (with your all your kit). They will have your key and room number there then walk up to the accommodation straight up the road and behind the QMs.
    You won't have anything to do with the phase twos. As for shagable, make sure you get a B&B do not do it on the camp it is an instant RTU.
    There is one of the wankest bars in the british army for cpls and below (the recruits have their own bar next to it) their is a social club just outside (50p to enter) which used to be pretty good but its dead now, the lakeside (where they show the dart on TV) might how different event nights buts its pricey.Walking down to frimley green is an option it has two pub (WOW) or get a taxi to camberly or use the train to take you to Basingstoke or London.
    Apparently the Gym is pretty good but I only ever see the inside of it when the Gore trophy is on and stick to running outside. Go out the main gate turn left through the car park and left again at a barrier (that you run around the side off) this leads down to the hills which must be good because occasionally you see paras running up and down them with weight on. (Top tip they don't like a loggie "Hat" minceing past them in shorts and T-shirts. There are lots of other route if you ask the PTIs.
  6. My bold , I jest but good to know ;) And Im not a loggie but I am a hat , its been a while since ive seen a decent hill, so happy days. Cheers stacker.
  7. Aw....You spoilsport stacker!:)
  8. Areas E1 and E2 have some fantastic hills and running routes as does the Ash Range range road, not sure how accessible they are from Deepcut though.
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  11. Let me know when your done with the course, (content, usefulness etc etc) as someone from my gaff will more than likely be doing this one early next year still waiting out on details. So if its me I want to be well armed with info.

    Cheers Civi