Party Tricks

Appologies if this has been done before

We have all seen them, even have some of our own.

What is your party trick? and what is the wierdest ones you have seen.

I knew a guy who in the middle of fairly formal dinners, always use jump on the table, drunk as a skunk, drop his trousers and boxers, then proceeded to perform impressions using his ball sack.
Such things as strecthing his foreskin out, and flapping his scrotum, saying look a flying swan
or pulling his ball bag over his dick, shouting look flys eyes.
This guy was a legend in his own lunch time and it was definitely something you wouldnt expect from a member of mensa.
The RSM's wife wasnt exactly impressed and he always had loads of extras. He was even reknowned to do this at his family reunions!!
He must have practised for days perfecting this before a upcoming event!. Oh he also held the record of the regiment of fitting 32 2p peices in his forskin.

Personally mine is rather more mundane and involes opening beer bottles with my teeth, or eye socket
I dont know about the weirdest one but certainly the one to get the most people gagging -involved a lcpl in the reme, a tampon and a bottle of ketchup - raging ray secreted himself into the bogs in the naafi at thiepval bks n.i with the above items - entered bar area swinging said tampon well soaked in ketchup and then proceeded to pull thru his teeth - wonderful - he had a similar stunt involving underpants and brown sauce
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