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Having read some of the posts regarding New labour Corruption, I remember when they got into power along to the tune of "Things can only get better" In fact I'm still traumatised by the memory of Two Jags attemting to dance...

I just thought it would be an interesting thread to bring Party Political Musical themes up to date, here are my three choices for conference season music:

Labour: Nice and Sleazy

Lib Dems: YMCA

Tories: Sympathy for the devil.

Anyone think of any others?
Labour - We Are The Champions (of deception).
Tories - Another One Bites The Dust (and mr.Howard was the last).
Lib.dems - Grazy Little Thing Called Love (of voters).


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I think Labour should stick to "Things can only get better" because we are still waiting!
...and because it's unlikely (though sadly not impossible) that things will get any worse?

Tories: Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Lib Dems: Queen - Hammer to Fall

Neue Arbeit: I was goin to nominate the Imperial March of Star Wars infamy...but decided not to insult a proper, talented dictator with the comparison.
Labour - The Rogues March

Tories - These Foolish Things

Lib Dems - Space Oddysy

UKIP - A song for Europe
Labour / Tony Blair - take your pick:

"You're in the Army (in Iraq) Now" - Status Quo

"Wasted Lives" - Guttermouth

"Two faced b*stard" - 8 Fingers Louie

"Indifferent" - Lisa Marie Presley

"Of course I'm lying" - Yello

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