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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Warrior_Poet, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. Having read some of the posts regarding New labour Corruption, I remember when they got into power along to the tune of "Things can only get better" In fact I'm still traumatised by the memory of Two Jags attemting to dance...

    I just thought it would be an interesting thread to bring Party Political Musical themes up to date, here are my three choices for conference season music:

    Labour: Nice and Sleazy

    Lib Dems: YMCA

    Tories: Sympathy for the devil.

    Anyone think of any others?
  2. Labour: Money for nothing
  3. Labour - We Are The Champions (of deception).
    Tories - Another One Bites The Dust (and mr.Howard was the last).
    Lib.dems - Grazy Little Thing Called Love (of voters).
  4. Labour - you CAN fool all the people all the time
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I think Labour should stick to "Things can only get better" because we are still waiting!
  6. ...and because it's unlikely (though sadly not impossible) that things will get any worse?

    Tories: Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
    Lib Dems: Queen - Hammer to Fall

    Neue Arbeit: I was goin to nominate the Imperial March of Star Wars infamy...but decided not to insult a proper, talented dictator with the comparison.
  7. I was saving that one till after the Coup Juve mate! We'll need a new National Anthem.
  8. So which one gets "Martch of the clowns"?
  9. Labour - The Rogues March

    Tories - These Foolish Things

    Lib Dems - Space Oddysy

    UKIP - A song for Europe
  10. Labour / Tony Blair - take your pick:

    "You're in the Army (in Iraq) Now" - Status Quo

    "Wasted Lives" - Guttermouth

    "Two faced b*stard" - 8 Fingers Louie

    "Indifferent" - Lisa Marie Presley

    "Of course I'm lying" - Yello
  11. I remember the Referendum Party's CD that they released during 1997. It went something like:

    'Woooooooah, Wooooooooah, Let the People Decide!'