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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 11, 2005.

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  1. Very interesting/useful, A_S

    Quite a trick to summarise key policies fairly, but the parties will no doubt tell the BBC direct if they aren't happy with any of the details. Presumably it will be updated if/when appropriate.

    Will leave it a few days, then think about posting a link in one of our 'electoral' threads and maybe links to each of the main parties - there no doubt is an existing page somewhere on the web which contains these.

  2. I think that would be very helpful hackle.


  3. Cheers A_S

    now added to our electoral links page

    plus a link to all known political parties
    including the Official Monster Raving Loony Party
    Hmmmm..... from their homepage:
    That sound familiar at all? Come out with it, who is a member of both this site and that fine party?

    PTP? :lol:
  4. Can't see anything ground-breaking or radical from either opposition party there,

    The Tory crime pledges are laughable.

    Look's like another Labour victory....
  5. Prey do tell why the tories policy on crime/law and order are laughable?

    Is it because they want crims to do the full length of their service? or is it because they want to build more prisons to keep the scum off the street?

  6. There joking? No wonder they will never get in power!
  7. Yes that's exactly why :roll:
  8. [/quote]Prey do tell why the tories policy on crime/law and order are laughable?

    Is it because they want crims to do the full length of their service? or is it because they want to build more prisons to keep the scum off the street?

  9. The ideas are laughable because when Michael Howard was Home Secretary he took millions off the Prison Service budget and gave it to the Police to catch more criminals, which they promptly failed to do!

    Also, if he makes the criminals do their full sentence he will have no choice but to build new prisons. If he builds new prisons they will be private & staffed by guys on £14,000. Pay peanuts - you get monkeys.

    Oh, and how long to you think it will take to build these new prisons. Even though most of the dispersals have ground around them that is available for building on, the local population will object very strongly to new prisons in their back yard, particularly at Full Sutton & in the Doncaster area.
  10. Granted, they may have made a mess of things before but at least they are willing to try and sort out this sh1theap. Unlike labour who are quite at home letting crims off the hook "because it wasnt their fault", and leeting them serve 1/3 of their sentence before punting them back onto the street without any prior re-socialisation.

    Luke, do prey tell what exactly is wrong with:

  11. Agreed, A_S.

    The "prison doesn't work" theory falls down completely, since someone who robs old ladies on release from jail will rob one old lady every 5 years if serving a full sentence, or one every 20 months if only serving 1/3 of a 5 year sentence. It doesn't matter whether the crims are reformed or not (although reforming would be nice), since if they're in jail they can't give problems to the public.
  12. so that will be why the crime was decreasing until B*liar and co got in

    I would suggest that before you begin to slag off HMPS you check your facts and stop relying upon great liberal myths! The PS guys i have meet are as dedicated and professional as anyone in the army - in fact many are ex-mil and take quite alot of pride in their work!

    well then, lets throw up our hands in despair, and cry "Tony, oh great one, save us all"
  13. PY, if you read my post correctly you will see I am not slagging off the PS staff at all. I was one for more than 3 years and enjoyed it immensley, even with the frustrations it brought, and I still have many friends still serving (as members of staff I hasten to add).

    I even met Michael Howard when he was Home Secretary as he visited 2 of our burned out wings post major riot brought about, in part, by overcrowding, poor Leadership & ever changing prison rules.

    The man approached in happy mood with a big smile on his face chatting amiably with the Governor & Principal Officers, and as he got to within 20 feet or so changed instantly to a face of concern & sympathy. Shortly after this visit was when he cut the Prison Service budget!

    The point I made (admittedly poorly) about paying people peanuts - you get monkeys, was because when Labour were promising the world to the electorate they promised all private prisons would be taken back into the public realm, something the POA had been fighting for.

    On assuming power the POA asked when this was going to happen and the leadership said "We never said that and if we did, we can't do it now as we can't afford it"
  14. perfect example of labours part policies! :D