Party Liners wearing rose tinted specs who dribble brown!!

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by stan2484, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. Right ok bit of a rant, now I have been a member of this site for a fair few years, and was in 'Green Kit' for a fair amount of time too.

    Now we have quite a few posters who are of a certain standing while still serving who manage to provide up to date information on the latest happenings with a fair bit of realism and a good amount of banter..... if only all those in the know (or who think they are!!) did it with the same style.

    To be honest I am starting get sick of the condecending party line bulls*t thats some on this forum pump out, ok I might be ten years gone but I had to listen to the same promises for 13 years which never materialised, about training and qualifications yada yada yada. Ok I might not be current but I have an opinion and I am going to share it, shame some of you condecending tw*ts don't do it while wearing green your troops might respect you a bit more.... Granted you might not get the O grade CR etc but whats more important the respect of the troops or sucking the CO/Brig off for your next rank.

    I got out because the Corps was infested with yes men and now it seems this forum is getting infiltrated by them, I don't need to point them out, you can tell by the way they post.

    If you want to inform people then do it, but don't start giving some of us grief when we post our feelings if they don't fit in the rose tinted world that you see, pound to a pinch of sh*t half of you wouldn't have the stones to do it to our faces!!

    This site is for all current, old and new to post their opinions, views, information and banter without some buttsnorkling t*sser telling them to get with the programme and be current or don't post anything etc etc.

    Rant over pin pulled and expecting incoming!!!

    In arduis fidelis

    PS. Happy Corps day to all on the 23rd, also please take time to remember a fallen brother LCpl 'Loz' Lawerence killed in an RTC near Sanski Most, Bosnia, 23rd June 1998. RIP mate.
  2. I thought it said 'panty liners'........bugger!
  3. Link to anything in particular Stan, or just venting?
  4. So did I, wasn't what I expected!
  5. Sorry to disappoint :D !!!

    No just venting, I hated em while I was in and hate em now, the army would be a better place and more of an enjoyable job (as we all know it aint just a job but a way of life hence the separation!!) without these lizards.

    And this would be a more enjoyable forum, as I said I am all for information thats up to date, but most of the young ones on here ask what its like to do this job or that job and I feel it that takes more than just hard information to explain what its like, if that is not current then so what, speaking to those I know who are still in, and whose opinions I trust, it hasn't changed that much from all accounts.
  6. Fair one Stan, but I found that tolerating the noshers was part of the job. While I was part of field units, as opposed to being in Admin, I spent most of my time larking around and having a laugh. Some of the people I crossed paths with, of a more serious nature, viewed me as something of a nob-head and you know what, in retrospect, I may have been.

    So from my last paragraph I note that there are 2 forms of behaviour that are viewed completely in opposition to each other ie I thought I was great and the careerists needed to relax a little and the careerists thought the same but the other way round.

    If any of the youngsters wrote in and asked about the life from my point of view, I'd tell them to do their jobs in such a way that they enjoy themselves the most.

    At my 22 year dinner, in 2002, I was honestly able to say that, looking back, I'd enjoyed almost everything I'd done over the last 22 years. There was an awful lot of drunken madness and tomfoolery in there as well as the soldiering stuff. At that point if I could have soldiered on, operationally, I would have jumped at the chance. As it is, I've sold my soul to the devil of pipe and slippers.

    I'll bore off now.


    PS I also thought the header read Panty-liners :cry:
  7. Stan-It looks like you’ve brought about a deathly silence from the usual suspects. Please don’t challenge their rights to the usual backslapping rhetoric posts that include, although not an exhaustive list, topics such as “birds I’ve banged at Woolwich”, Pseudo RSM posts I’ve filled, my trade is better than yours……..

    Equally if you were still in you could have reasonably expected a “career threat” from at least one cheesy nothing that post on here but loves to tell us of his lofty position and his strategic changing initiatives.

    The proof is in the pudding- the voters have voted with their feet, hence why very little gets posted and if it does it gets the odd response.

    That dullards (and you know who you are), is what you have created.

    I don’t think there’s any question if this was a league, this forum would be a relegation favourite. We are the Blackpool of the Premiership.
  8. Panty liners - so much wishful thinking on Arrse :lol: (me too :oops: )
  9. Hey Stan,

    the army is the worst career provider ever, to get any where you have to be a Yesman, good bloke at the bar and a kiss arse. Those who work hard and crack on get left behind.

    If I had the choice many moons ago I would have joined the RN.
  10. Panty liner? That sounds like a good job.
  11. No. That's the Mod's job.
  12. Good to hear from you big fella, been a long time since you posted on here which you have explained in your usual tact and diplomatic manner!!! :D

    Yep I agree with all of that mate, as I am not in I don't care what they do in their messes and masonic lodges, but as I left to get away from the characterless b*stards I could do without having to listen to their drivel when posting a bit of banter or my opinion on here.

    I recently started posting on here again, to be honest I thought it might have improved, but unfortunately not..
  13. here you go

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  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Unfortunately Stan we cant get the old faces to post on here, which had the humour, usefullness and sometimes info! Stil; its passes 10 minutes of my time in an evening!

    Great thread by the way- I have noticed the AMS Arrse Police have done alot of damage to this Board by hunting down and outing some users- hence the barren nature of the board now. I have great some great stuff for the board but it would incriminate certain sources still serving; who would be hunted down like dogs!

    Should have been titled "How I sold my soldiers down the river and my soul to the Devil- but can still look myself in the mirror in the morning!"
  15. Hey left presumably in 2000 ish then? 3 wars been fought since your time big fella. If your having a dig consider this; You left todaysarmy a decade ago, your information is 10 years old. I'm not saying don't light your pipe and kick off your slippers, just remember your not up to date..........and neither am I (in the British Army) :D