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Last Saturday I attended a party at an army mess (I'm a civilian). Obviously I'm going to write a letter of thanks to the officer who invited me, but I wondered what the form is for a formal note of thanks. Should I write to the CO, the Adjutant, the PMC? Grateful for any tips you chaps can offer.

If it was an Officers Mess function and the CO was present then to the CO as its his mess if you recieved a formal invitation from him or the Mess.


Dear Rank Name

I am writing to thank blah blah blah

Yours sincecerly


Helps if the top man was introduced to you otherwise you will just be a faceless letter to him. Again depends if you got a formal invite or was a guest of a mess member. If a guest of mess member then a letter to him (mess member0 is fine if you were not introduced to the CO or top man.

Hope this helps

Always good to mention the entertainment, and a letter to the stripper(s) won't go amiss. After all, the expressions of appreciation on the evening can usually be written off as 'mess talk'.
If it was a real party: scruffs bar, painting trousers, disco etc then a letter is certainly not required.

If it was a cocktail party a short note would be polite but is in no way obligatory (lift a fork, lift a pen is a good rule of thumb).

If it was a dinner night then a letter to the PMC would be normal, asking him to pass on your thanks to the CO.


Write to the PMC saying thanks and how well you were looked after etc. The Mess should have a book/folder to display the letters of thanks for the other mess members, and if the PMC can be bothered he should show all thank you letters to the CO anyway.


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