Party Leader Debate Poll - Round 3

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. Gordon Brown

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  2. David Cameron

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  3. Nick Clegg

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  1. Third debate this evening with the BBC. Who do you think came over best?
  2. Lib Dem - But I declare an interest
  3. I wouldn't trust any of them with my Mess silver, but I think Cameron edged it....very slightly.

  4. I must be consistant with my post on another thread ......... Dimbleby ..... then Cameron .
  5. As a genuine undecided I think Cameron - by a long way

    Clegg dissolved into bluster

    Brown sounded like he was just going through the motions
  6. Where else in the world can you get paid and your rent paid for watching Jeremy Kyle and still have enough money for sky tv, fags and beer ?

    Probably do a 12 hour shift tomorrow and come home to see the dolies drinking on the grass. One actually gave up work 12 years ago as he was better off on the dole.

    If I thought that he would have to venture out to work again, any party would get my vote.
  7. Agree with your reasons Fozzy, but would not put Cameron ahead by a long way.


    I have just seen the ITV instant poll and it confirms Cameron 1st then Clegg than Broon.
  8. Interesting to see how Cameron and Clegg concentrated on their own manifesto in the closing statement and Brown only attacked Cameron. Brown is a scaremonger of the highest order, and his closing statement was a "fail". He signed off not telling me why I should vote for him. Cameron you have my vote!
  9. Cameron slightly ahead of the others. Brown was most definately better than the two previous times although dwindled in the middle. Clegg just started to get on my tits so I would rank him third
  10. Brown - dead man walking

    Cemeron - still hasn't sealed the deal

    Clegg - bright, but lacking gravitas.

    Winner - Cameron but by no more than a head.
  11. None of the above were worth a vote.
  12. According to the ITV poll 60% would still vote Labour?

    I know these polls are mainly aimed at the focus of the tv debates but a lot can happen in the next 7+ days.
  13. David Cameron made me feel sick everytime he talked.

    There's no hope if that sleazebag gets in power.
  14. Fixed.