Party Leader Debate Poll - Round 2

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. Gordon Brown

  2. David Cameron

  3. Nick Clegg

  1. Second debate this evening with Sky News. Who do you think came over best?
  2. I think David Cameron has just come out ahead of the other two. Brown seems to just be spouting lies and Clegg just isn't as good as before.
  3. Clegg is going around as before, Cameron has improved massively, Gordon, well you got us into this mess!
  4. Nick Clegg just failed to follow on from the success of last week, looked a bit like Tony Blair at the Chilcott enquiry!!

    DC got ahead, but GB is fighting a losing battle after the failures of 13years in power
  5. Well, let's see what happens in the polls.

    Personally I think that the other two upped their game but Clegg took it.
  6. From the Guardian

    Got to wonder about the sample Ch 4 used ....

  7. The only thing Clegg took was backhanders!

    Though if he wants to make a deal with Labour on PR... he may need to get used to taking mandlesons cock.
  8. So you know better than the electoral commission?

    Fuck off you tart
  9. I know f*ck all acually... which is why I'm ten times more intelligent than you, you rancid apologist for liars and thieves.
  10. All I saw tonight was 3 lying bas***ds...trying to get into the number one seat.....God help us all!!!
  11. Brown is a deluded moron who wants to pay off every voter in the country and run this country according to the script of 1984 - but actually, after watching tonight's show, I'd rather have that than Clegg.

    Clegg is a fucking lunatic.

    He brushed over the Trident issue as if it were nothing before launching into a tirade about 'homophobes and people who deny climate change' as if they were the epitomy of evil.

    He expressed his burning desire to work towards a world free from nuclear weapons. Whilst a nice thought, the many levels of naivety and ignorance involved in thinking that it's achievable is diffcult to comprehend. It's like striving for a world free from guns or knives, or nasty name calling.

    And he showed his true colours when it came to Europe - even resorting to Labour-esque scaremongering by pointing to a paedophile ring which was brought down by European co-operation. I want padophiles to get what's coming to them as much as the next person, but it hardly justifies the complete surrender of our sovereignty to a European superstate.

    All in all, he came accross as a posh boy with little understanding of the real world, a deep dislike of Britain as a country, and an enormous chip on his shoulder.
  12. I think they all came out rather equal tonight. Gordon Brown seem to up his game. Nick Clegg held on but didn't advance. But the most surprising person for me was David Cameron...I expected him to do better and so far he isn't pushing ahead.

    Overall Nick Clegg is ahead for me.
  13. I'm giving that one to Sky News, much better than the chobber from ITV.

    I must have missed something or the rest of the press have some sort of George W by proxy fixation. Broon obviously meant the old biddy was a woman with a national insurance shortfall 'cos she took time out of work to bring up her kids.
  14. Gordon was a bit of a surprise as he departed from his usual style of bludgeoning the audience with statistics. Didn't make him any less of a cnut though.

    Clegg held to the 'vision' format that stood him so well last time, rather than going into any detail and where he fell down was in not explaining his justification for doing away with Trident.

    Cameron had upped his game in the presentation stakes but I didn't feel he did any better in the substance stakes than before. His take on the nuclear deterrent issue was based on some pretty sweeping assumptions on our place in the world and I would have liked him to go into more detail on why he held them true.

    Not that I'll be voting for any of them, but I put Clegg ahead on aggregate.
  15. I remember a film or TV program which had something to do with voting for "none of the above". As I heard nothing more than 3 children squabble, nothing said by any of them has earned my vote so far.