Party Leader Debate Poll - Round 1

Which leader do you think is coming over best?

  • Gordon Brown

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  • David Cameron

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  • Nick Clegg

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Clegg is coming over a bit "Holier than thou", but the other 2 seem more interested in scoring points off each other, rather than a genuine debate - it is typical Westminster at the moment!

Clegg is able to come across better - he has no hope of winning the election so he can say what he likes. Brown however is sounding like a scratched record.
I'm wondering who the delusional fools are who voted for Brown? Party activists are on the internet in force tonight!!
Definitely 2-0 to Clegg.

Although he strained the Nuclear deterant arguement a bit.
Cameron was very poor - for the sake of the economy, vote Labour ... I know Brown's not popular, but his policies are working. Cameron is bent on spending cuts that will lead to higher unemployment. Nick should be shot - the creepy git.
Everything Brown said was basically nullified by the fact Labour's been in power for so long, why haven't all of the ideas been put through already?

Wasn't as boring as I thought it would be though.
Regrettably who ever you vote for the d'mn Government always gets in!!! Where is Guy Fawkes when you need him?

I am considering launching my ownparty on the populist vote - My chief line in the Manifesto will be to change the face of politics by using plain English - on coming to power the noun Politician will be changed to 'Liar' - Vote for the Liar Party! In future all Politicians will be required to answer Yes or No questions with funnily enough the word Yes or No. And not ramble on about some completely unconnected rubbish.

At the same time it is the intention of the Liar party to reduce the numbers of MP's in parliament by the same number serving in the Scottish Assembly, Welsh Assembly, Whatever set the Irish have got and in Brussels. Votes will be held monthly on laws that will be accepted across the country - if there are any and MPs from the various other Assemblys etc can attend.
It did degenerate into a bit of a bitch fight, Nick Clegg managed to rise above it.

Thing is though, whoever wins the debate is irrelevant, surely anyone with some reasoning power will not let 90 minutes of lies sway their decision!!

And now the news is going over it all again. If I wanted to watch it twice, I'd have taped the fcuker!!
For me it was Clegg until he got to defence where I just disagree with him.
dangerousdave said:
Sky News Voters' Verdict: Cameron Wins TV Debate

David Cameron won 53% of the vote, Nick Clegg 28% and Gordon Brown 19%.
Now there's a surprise... Was the result up before or after the show? :lol:

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