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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bigdumps, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. Hello you,

    Does anyone know any good party games?

    I'm having a bash at my gaff on thursday night and I`m thinking what games to play.

    Any ideas?
  2. Ludo,scrabble and Cluedo always go well at our house.

    Oh,and no alcohol.That's a must.
  3. Freckles ???
  4. spin the bottle obviously
  5. Darts is always a good one. Get one of your mates to hold the dartboard during the game to save having to hang it, DIY isn't for real men.
  6. Soggy biscuit.
  7. Dambusters
  8. How do ya play dambusters?

    Oh we do have a long staircase at my house.
  9. Dambusters is a game where you hold 10 coins in your clenched arrse have a cup on the floor a few meters away, and a small obstacle course between you and said cup. With arrse clenched negotiate course and try and drop as many coins in the cup by unclenching arrse cheeks. Most coins wins.
  10. Truth or dare?

    Strip Twister is amusing in mixed company. Well it was back in the day when the company was more likely to be young and attractive.... :(
  11. There was a game called Frenzied Wanking. I was dead good at it.

    Punchlines on a postcard, please.
  12. Brilliant explaination, perfect to a tee.

    Now explain Freckles, I'm not sure she'll know that one either...
  13. Spoons,caught me out as a pissed up gullible 18 year old,then again maybe i'm just a bit thick!
  14. Spoons! - got me (bastard DS with a ladle) and I've still have the scars, all good fun - although I apparently had suspected concussion.