Parts of the United States are as poor as the Third World

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Sep 8, 2005.

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  1. "Wow", oh really?!?

    Next thing they'll be telling us that America no longer exists as a society but has become all-out dog eat dog; that poor blacks are ignored by the government and these people blame everyone but themselves for their predicament; that it's about class, no skin colour; that workers country-wide no longer receive proper benefits and job security; that the poor have become poorer and the rich have become incredibly richer; that sordid elements of white America are trying to veiledly assert themselves through neo-Christianity; that this Neo-Christianity promises wealth and power, not charity and humility; that all these comments are continuously rammed down our throats by activist media outlets on either side of the political spectrum...c'mon Sergey, tell us something we don't know. :?
  2. Whats your point Sergey? do you have a solution?
    Healthcare driven by market forces will always concentrate on more lucrative areas such as cosmetic surgery and cardiac surgery. Septic doctors, who must pay a fortune to get qualified are hardly going to flock to the poorest paid areas of the profession. There is healthcare in America for people who have no money - charity hospitals. But if you have any money they will hunt you down and make you pay for it.
  3. Boll0cks.

    1) Everyone has access and must be treated in hospital emergency rooms rgardless of ability to pay. Furthermore it is the responsibilty of the States and local officials to provide for the needs of the poor, some states do a better job then others. Some of the complaints about medication, believe or not, don't deal with live sustaning medicines but those that are convienent; Cialis, Viagra, Claritin, etc...

    2) Low birth weight, and infant death may be on the rise but what this article fails to point of is the cause. Is it due to drug and alch abuse, genetic factors, homicide, accidental death, etc...? Would love to see the break down, if there is one in the report

    3) Children poverty rates are the result of poor people having children. But to compare the lives of the US children with those of a third world country is moronic. Obesity is far higher in the American poor population then the rest of the world. Children are feed 2 meals in the public schools for free, breakfast and lunch. Leaving the parents/caregiver to provide dinner.

    The problem is not poverty but a decline in responsibility among those have and raising children...short of sterilization there is nothing to prevent the poor from having children, and the poor abusing those children
  4. Dear cheesypoptart!

    If I say that parts of Russia belong rather to 3d world then it would not be a surprise to you. But I was surprised by this:

  5. I'm not. Welcome to America. Everything's possible here: the best and the worst.
  6. ah, stats, gotta love 'em.

    however, first, Malaysia is not a third world country! In fact, it has the one of the highest rates of education anywhere, all school kids have access to very advanced IT and more graduates (with proper degrees) then we do!

    second, the mayor of D.C. is ............................ BLACK!

    go figure!
  7. All very true. It was said recently that even the poorest of individuals in New orleans would be regarded as rich and obese compared to certain areas of the third world.
  8. True, true. America is the only country in the world where the poor are generally fatter than the rich!
  9. lol :D :D :D
  10. As stoatman said in another post, if they would stop buying all the shit food, drugs, cigarettes and alcohol they would have enough money to feed their family properly.
  11. Morale: before you try to make others happy, make happy own people.

    There were so many problems in the Soviet Union in 1979. But Kremlin elders preffered to spend oil-$$$ on stupid war in Afghanistan. All these billions of $$$ that were thrown to 'support' Vietnam, Cuba, Angola, arab countries could improve lives of ordinary Russians. So called 'Communist countries' enjoyed Russian oil and gas for half-price and sold us their low quality 'goods'. Thanks God now we are free from this burden. But current American 'burden' is still huge.

    Have I answered your question?
  12. Part of the problem is the Americans breath taking lack of education. I'm not talking about the poor being less well educated than the rich I mean a lack of general education resulting in fantstic ignorance at all levels of society. Being ignorant is different to being stupid, it implies that the opportunity for eductation is there but you have either failed to take advantage of it or you have ignored it. Bush is is not stupid he is ignorant.

    An educated American lady once explained it to me like this - in global society terms the USA is still a teenager compared to many other countries and we all know that teenagers are self obsessive and paranoid. They don't believe that there is any point in learning about anyone else.

    I have met Americans on holiday (not in America) who had no idea where the UK was on the globe or that we had our own currency. They assumed we use the dollar.

    Is it any wonder we're sending them boxes of compo.
  13. If Sergey and his ilk spent as much time analysing what was wrong with their own country and trying to fix it as they do pointing out the flaws of the USA, maybe Russia woudn't be the decrepit third world craphole it is now.
  14. A lot of the reasons babies die in the states is lack of after care .It costs a lot of money to give birth mostly due to insurance doctors have to buy .Very little left over for mid wifery/health vistor style services which could pickup prevent problems
    Neither of our systems are great .Worked in a hospitial in florida everyone had a iv or at least iv access wether it was needed or not
    insurance said thats what inpatients had ! worked in a hospitial in london where it was a continual hunt for pillows never enough .