Parts of arrse forcing pop up windows with possible malware links

Hmm, something I find works is to clear browser history and cache.
Settings - privacy - clear browser cache.
Tick everything.
I’m getting the occasional pop-up, same as @Gardner6LXB above, but purporting to be from BT rather than Sky.
It’s only intermittent at the moment but the last time these things were around they rendered the site unusable on Safari. A switch to Chrome sorted it out.

As I try to report it - 4th attempt. Only arrse, WiFi and 4G.
It’s an advert doing it, one of the ones on the changing loop. When it loads it seems to put an overlay or click area across the whole page, so when you click next it takes you to the link. Happens on iPad and iPhone and picks up the ISP you are using.

It may be linked to a nouveau Liberte ad. Don’t know what the ad purports to sell as its in Frog.
I’m now getting these intermittent pop ups only on arrse on my iPhone and my iPad but not on my MacBook.
I’m getting this every time I log in, and more so in some threads than others.
I’m 3 for 3 on getting the pop up when the nouveau liberte ad is up. I’ll see if I can get a screenshot of it.
It’s happening to me on both the I-pad and I-phone. A right pain in the arrse! I’m stepping away from the keyboard until it settles down, as it’s beyond annoying now!
I’m getting this every time I log in, and more so in some threads than others. View attachment 383842
I’m getting the same among others but only when I use safari on my iPad, if I log into arrse through google chrome on the same iPad I have no issues, just been back and forth between the 2 browsers and it’s confirmed it, oddly it doesn’t seem to happen on my iPad mini
This, in the past, happened when using mobile networks, and only on my phone. Now happening on WiFi and on my new up to date iPad. Almost impossible to use the site. @Bad CO please, work your geeky magic!

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