Parts of arrse forcing pop up windows with possible malware links

I wonder if there is a form somewhere on the site that someone is managing an sql injection attack and putting dodgy javascript somewhere
Ok, to try and crack this issue and the one posted here I've turned off all advertising on the site.

Can anyone who has had either issue let me know if this has sorted it?
I have to say, I only get this problem when on ARRSE.

If it's because of my dodgy browsing history, as some have implied (no offence taken, all...), then why don't it happen on all the other legitimate websites I regularly look at?
I seem to keep getting a 'you have won a phone' type pop-up over the last few days. Only seems to happen on ARRSE, not other sites. Anyone else have this issue?
I'm assured that all is now resolved so you'll be pleased to know that I've turned ads back on for registered users.

I've got to feed my children somehow .......
Just throw the bodies of a couple of tramps in their lair once a week like you normally do.
That's Good CO - caviar on chips at my house

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
I just logged in after a week away trying to steal Renault 4s
and my computer went radio rental telling me a threat had been detected
i was looking at more range rover tsser fun and as I scrolled down it went mental
this was the link that it went to

and I typed that all out by myself ( i took a photo of the screen)
I’m still being told that I’ll strike it rich with Shitcoin. I’m accessing the site with my IPhone, so perhaps it’s the spirit of Steve Jobs.
Did last night but seems to have stopped again this morning...
Thanks to all who reported this - the screenshot was particularly useful. I'm hoping that it has been resolved now?

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