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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Esteban, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. May be one for a septic cousin but sure a few of you will probably know.

    Would this adapter be classed as an export restricted part in the US? Better-Mag S&W® .22 Rimfire Magazine Adaptor

    I've asked the store if they will ship to the UK if I arrange Fedex but not had an answer as yet. As I understand it under UK law, it's a bit of metal and should be no problem getting it through customs.
  2. I know I'm getting old, but even I can clearly see this notice - unless I'm imagining it all, of course.[h=5]WE CANNOT SHIP THIS PRODUCT TO APO ADDRESSES OR LOCATIONS OUTSIDE THE USA. [/h]
  3. Yes I know, hence the question. I'm trying to ascertain whether it's some ATF restriction or whether the shop can't be arsed with the hassle of shipping stuff internationally. If it's just the latter then I can either take the hassle factor out of it for them and get Fedex to pick it up, or get it bought by a friend in the US and then shipped over here from them.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Ask yourself is it worth the risk for a friend to do this? If not then next time go over there and buy it yourself. The silly Yank laws are misinterpreted all the time and not always in your favour so be careful it wont last for ever. Boyds had a similar problem and get around the restrictions by pricing stuff below $100 US to ensure its under the radar.
  5. I'm a Brit, but I live in septicland..........will I do?


    In the experience of myself and friends they will not even bother to answer you. Your order is an inconvenience and taking the time to fill out even a basic customs form would eat up their profit margin........and septics kan't rite aniway.

    Basic rule of thumb: If it is metal and fits directly onto a firearm it is covered by the ITAR Regs. That even includes screws for weapons and front and rear sights.

    Holsters are not included, neither is webbing, pouches or belts.

    For anyone who has the time go and read the ITAR regs........I did.

    US State Department - Policy - Directorate of Defense Trade Controls
  6. I've found with importing parts from the US it's very hit and miss. I brought an AR stock from the States no problem, didn't even get charged import duty, but another website marked the exact same stock as ISTAR restricted and wouldn't even consider it. I'd shop around and see what different websites say would be my advice
  7. Thanks Effendi!
  8. Some Arrser (I can't recall who or when) posted that he'd bought a pair of grips from the US for a de-activated pistol or a replica or some such thing; his house was turned over at stupid O'clock by a gang of shouty armed plods.

    IMHO, that was predictable.
  9. I could have a nice little earner with bits'n'pieces from here to europe, but I like my freedom.

    Yes, you can get away with it. I know people who have, for ever and ever.

    There is the USMC chappie, an officer, who used to play airsoft before he got banged up for sending a mate of his in Japan an optical sight. You can buy the sights in Japan, but those have been exported with a DoS export licence not just sent over.

    I know a chap in an inglish spiking country in europe who called a dealer in the US, ordered one of those heavy barrels they put on .38's for PP type shooting, it arrived through the letter box a week later......seriously, he said he nearly jumped out of his skin when it hit the floorboards with a thud.

    Dealers who will send out of the USA are few and far between. As stated, it takes them time to fill out the customs paperwork just for ordinary items so are not interested. Most are overly cautious about ITAR and mark stuff as ITAR even when it is not. Personally I always call a manufacturer if I am in doubt and ask directly and get a confirming email.

    I have had people fly back from here loaded up with bits'n'pieces and they don't have an issue at the airport. Drop an optical sight in a camera bag and no one notices.
  10. Thanks for the background - after a pointer from an RFD found another variant of the same device (Catch22 Bolt Catches), not quite as elegant but the seller is happy to ship internationally as their's isn't ITAR restricted so all sorted.
  11. At the risk of being accused of High-jacking ('cos that's what I'm doing) does anyone know of a source for a Colt Government (not A1) rear sight please? (Either side of the pond will do.)
  12. For any random parts usually sourced in the US, these guys may be of use to you:
    Midway UK
  13. That'd be a number 8 then? I know this is an A1, but they may have what you want. Sadly they are on their hols at the moment and not back for two or three weeks. Can you wait?

    Colt 1911


    Or here:

    CDS - ET für Colt Governement Kal. 45 ACP - Army