Partners overnight, welcome to the 21st century

As we have heard soldiers of both sexes are now allowed (on COs Discretion - IMPORTANT) to have their partners, girlfreinds, gay lovers, blow up dolls stay with them over night in their accomodation.  without fear of disciplinary action.

I say welcome to the millenium MOD its about time, thanks but it kinda takes some of the fun out of it now  dont you think.
Now all you need is the CO's permission for grown men to be able to have alcohol in the block to be able to entertain them and we're well on the road to being in the aforementioned 21st Centuary.

That is until the first girl changes her mind and she shouts 'rape', or some idiot decides that he'd like to join in and she objects and we're right back in the 19th C! (It'll happen, I'd put money on it)


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      That type of thing has already happened twice in my Regiment, before it was'nt even allowed!  Alway's the little slappers that have too much booze down the NAAFI and can't wait to drop thier nickers, then decide the next morning that it would be really funny to file the poor bloke for 'rape'!!! :eek:

It's a funny ol' world, is'nt it? :eek:
I'm thinking of applying for a shake n' vac subsidy to cover the amount of it I have to buy to contain the smell (for which I am not responsible)  in my mess hovel.  The carpet must be at least fifteen years old..... I'd be too embarrassed to invite someone decent back there!  Any indecent women, however, are more than welcome.....  
It is good news.  But I agree with Leeanne and the others that there are some total idiots around who may spoil it.  

As for shake n vac, I could overlook a lot of grunge if the chap is brill.  And I like taking my man away as much as poss at weekends and spoiling him as I earn more than he does. :-*
FS, SE also likes not shaving at weekends and walking around in his skiddies scratching his love spuds.   So i hear  anyway.
FS thats exactly what men are like,not to mention farting more in bed at the weekends because of the drink and dodgy food they've eaten,and then blame you for it!!!! ;D
GQ thats it a gross idea,why make it his toothbrush,use someone elses lying around in the washroom!!!,and then smile quietly to yourself when you next see them cleaning their teeth!!! ;D
And they say the lads are bad for goodness sake.  And what do you mean ref the farting, i know of one person who trys to hold your head under the covers.  Hmm.      
Hhhmmm - yes men are windy.  Bodily functions of that kind are off limits from Forces Sweetheart.  I guess I am an old fashioned girl and believe that women should maintain an air of mystery and allure.

My chap is wholeheartedly discouraged from windy activity and knows it is more than his life is worth to let rip in bed!  But he does threaten to do it as one of his many ways of keeping me in check.
Ah yes, women are indeed full of mystery and allure :)  The mystery is that women can hold farts in for years.  Only when married do women begin to allow the gradual and ear-splitting release of 20+ years worth of bum gas....  Well thats what married friends tell me anyway..... are they lying?

Hey FC, you are 50% right about  what I do at weekends...  ;)

Edited to add a bit... 
I wish they'd relaxed the rules years ago!

I got busted in late '91 for having a nice young lady in my abode.

I'm due for my LS&GC knockback next month so I wonder if it'd be worthwhile throwing in the plea of mitigation that it's now legal?

Me with an LS&GC?  Now that would be hilarious!! :D
it was much more fun when i wasnt allowed, kind of takes the fun outta sneeking a big hog back to the mess for a drunken fumble lol


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